Joe Pleasures Himself

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Joe is open to almost anything but finds it difficult to cum
when a man is jerking him off, so I told him he could do a solo
instead.  He really pleasures himself and it shows.  He slowly
strokes his cock, flexing his legs, curling his toes and gently
thrusting his hips.  His balls are tight to his body, his breathing
becomes louder and his face is flushed.  He stops stroking
periodically to rest and prolong his pleasure, really just edging
himself.  When Joe is ready to cum he lays flat on his back
and increases his pace.  His breathing becomes louder and
more labored, he thrusts his hips, his legs tense, and he
very submissively asks "may I cum" and shoots his load
immediately when given permission.

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2015-10-12 04:29:49
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