[MANNHOUSE - MR LEO] Ever on Fire - Hot Every Day

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Description[Mr. Leo] Ever on Fire - Hot Every Day (EVER ON FIRE ????)
Size : 831 MB
Duration : 1:23:22
Resolution : 352x240

-It's so wild I can't see straight! It's a sex storm that'll take your breath away!-

MAIN COURSE - Hiroshi Oki (30) & Koichi Naito (33)
- These two Hormone-pumping guys start the show off with hard, throbbing cocks and lustful moans. They both experience their first time at cock-sucking, ass-rimming, and sweaty sixty-nine! They finish off with hard ass-pumping!

GIVING IT UP - Yutaka Shimizu (35)
- This oriental faced, short-haired stud who boasts a tight, hard body, gets sexually devoured! He gets cock shoved down his throat and his ass fucked hard like a woman. You'll get hard just listening to his cries of ecstasy!

ANAL BLOSSOM-Teruo Ozawa (33) & Takeshi Matsuda (35)
- A brawny, short-haired Judo stud and a big brother type indulge in a sexual frenzy! The camera catches them in a torrid of sucking and fucking that leaves no time to catch your breath! They become so engrossed that it'll make you wonder if these guys are really just acting!

MISSING YOU - Shuuichi Nakata (30)
- A chubby businessman works overtime at the office with only his sexual fantasies to accompany him. He begins to masturbate and work his asshole heavily until he shoots a hot stream of cum!

5 sex-starved men letting out all their sexual tensions! These hot guys give it their all for the camera...and for you! This one's sure to make it to the BEST VIDEO list! Mr. LEO presents you with this 20th century ballbuster
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