Donato Reyes, Mattias Solich, Milos Zambo

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DescriptionDonato Reyes, Mattias Solich, Milos Zambo
So, the novel begins. Valentino has found his creative energy for writing once again, although he is perplexed as to where it came from. Donato previously lived in the beautiful home with his lover, who passed away one year ago today. As Donato steps into the shower he soon realizes that there is no more hot water, and steps outside to call the plumber. The door slams shut behind him and he asks the plumber to call the locksmith for him as well. The plumber and locksmith arrive and get to work. Milos, the plumber makes the necessary repairs and decides to make sure there is sufficient hot water and strips for a hot shower. Donato hears the water running and goes to see what is happening and finds the hot, sexy, muscular plumber pleasuring himself in the shower. It turns out that Mattias, the locksmith also has plans for Donato. Donato is busy sucking both hard cocks. Milos blows his creamy load while sucking off Donato. Donato then shoots his thick load all over Milos huge chest. We then switch over to Mattias, who has been sucking on Donato’s cock and brings them both to huge eruptions of cum. The house begins to reveal itself.

. Now that Donato and the repairmen have sucked each other off, Donato decides to make this into a hot afternoon 3-way. Mattias, the locksmith is in the kitchen sucking on the plumber’s, Milos’ hot cock. The guys trade off on sucking each other’s hard cocks until Milos spreads Mattias’ legs open and shoves his wet cock deep into his hungry hole. These are some very versatile repairmen, after Milos bangs away at Mattias’ ass he then squats down on Mattias’ straining cock. Donato has given the repairmen their time, now it is his time. He puts Milos on a swivel stool and spreads his ass open so he can penetrate him good and deep. Milos moans in pleasure as Donato pounds his ass. With Mattias on a swivel stool as well, Donato swings his ass around and slams his slicked cock into Mattias’ ass. Donato goes back and forth from one hot ass to the other. Each ass becoming hotter and wetter with each of Donato’s pumping strides. Donato has fucked himself into an oblivion of pleasure and spews his thick creamy load all over Mattias’ ass. Donato then urges each of his repairmen to blow their loads. Milos spews his thick globs all over his thick muscular thighs as Mattias floods the kitchen floor with his huge flowing load. Good thing there is a plumber in the house!

Now the guys turn their cocks on Donato’s ass. Donato throws his legs open as Milos scissors his cock into Donato’s open sex canal. As Mattias holds Donato’s legs open for Milos’ cock, Milos leans over and swallows Mattias’ throbbing cock. Donato is then flipped over and Mattias probes his ass with his hard cock and sucks on Milos straining cock. Mattias then flips his position that really puts Donato’s ass to the test. Donato is then bent over and taken from behind by Milos, who pounds away at his wet hole as Mattias sprays his hot cum all over Milos’ ass, which triggers Milos to blow his load all over Donato’s hungry hole. With all that hot cum dripping from his ass and balls, Donato is over come with pleasure and blows his own load. Call the plumber and locksmith, I’m feeling horny!

Scenes 2,4,& 6 - The Secret Gift
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