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Sex City 2

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DescriptionRunning Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 05/21/2011

In the spirit of its predecessor, Sex City 2 is an all-sex production featuring models on loan from Bel Ami. Among them are identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters, who once joked that the only way to tell them apart is that one's dick curves to left when hard while the other's curves to the right. OK, but whose is which?

When the twins see Christian Herzog emerge from a public building, their heads veer simultaneously in his direction, then they look at each other and the unspoken thought between them is "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" So they stalk Christian until all three meet up in a secluded staircase, where all is revealed. The twins have torsos whose muscular development and definition is not to be believed, while Herzog himself is akin to a pillar of marble. Blow jobs lead to orgasms, then the action moves indoors, where Herzog fucks the twins, they fuck him and all three of them play Lucky Pierre, with Herzog as Pierre. For the icing on the cake, the twins double-fuck Herzog.

A small pool attached to the house provides a play area for Lucio Saints and Nicolas Taxman to suck each other. Then it's indoors to fuck, with Taxman riding hard on Saints' cock while showing off his muscular torso.

Vadim Farrell meets Scott Carter on the steps of a public building, greeting him with a kiss then leading him to a stone garret for sex with a dash of bondage. Two make an irresistible combination: Farrell is smooth and drop-dead handsome, Carter is craggy of countenance and all furry muscle. they demonstrate their deepthroating skills (Carter wins) then Carter hangs from an overhead beam while Farrell fucks him. The fucking continues in bed, in the spoons position, with lots of kissing and a cum-guzzling conclusion. It's the best scene of the film.

In the meantime, Benjamin Bloom and Brandon Manilow, who boinked in Part 1, encounter Saints and Taxman at a large outdoor fountain and, after sizing each other up, head off together to frolic away the afternoon. Bloom's muscular butt and torso are straining the fabric of his clothes and you can wait to see what those clothes conceal. They all strip and make out and rub their cocks together before pairing off for blow jobs: Taxman sucking Manilow and Bloom sucking Saints. the suckers get a mouthful: Taxman buy intent and Bloom by accident, then they swap positions and the suckers becomes the suckees. Two more cumshots then Taxman and Bloom rotate 180 degrees so their partners can rim them. Fucking follows, with everyone but Manilow bottoming and everyone but Bloom topping.

Sex City 2 comes to a close with Alex Orioli and Gael Goceva, also recycled from Part 1, coming into the bar where Carter works. Farrell is sitting at the bar and three other fellows are at a table in the corner. Carter pours drinks, then jumps on the bar and takes his pants off. Orioli, Goceva and Farrell follow suit, while the other three sit and watch. After the initial sucking and orgasms, the four principals retire to a back room to fuck, with the high point being the double penetration of Carter by Orioli and Farrell. The technical details of the film are flawless and the music once again enhances the mood.
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