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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-17 |
"In this sequel to the original Arabian Tales, the hardcore version of Lawrence of Arabia continues! Fresh-faced cutie Jamal al Din has stumbled upon an abandoned chest of secrets in the middle of the Sahara. He daydreams of the blistering sex scenes written about in a dusty desert storybook he discovers amongst the trunk's treasures. Each scene is filled with a cum-exploding cast sure to stiffen rods around the world!

In a hidden storeroom, Jamal encounters two men who have locked lips in preparation for some heavy sex play. Veteran Persian porn boy Khalaf Muajib rips the clothes off of Nabih Sirajh exposing a cock the size of Cairo! How such an enormous pecker grew on this petite pussy-boy is beyond imagination. When Nabih starts to massage Khalaf's blistering, barren butt, we know he is prepping for a pounding that could induce a pyramid-crumbling earthquake. Because of his cock's immense size, he practically tears Khalaf a new wet asshole. But when he finally shoves it in, both of them cry out in rapturous delight. The sand-jockey rides his horny bottom-boy in multiple positions until his horse-cock releases its power in spray after spray of long globules of man-cum.

Walking around white-washed walls while Egyptian music bellows in the background, Jamal is lucky enough to witness yet another sex-plosive scene. First, the luscious Libyan lips of Abban Jadul wraps around the uncut precumming cock of macho man Abbud Aliyy. They take turns cock-sucking as both hotties crave more. Then Abbud readies his eager bottomless bottom for a full-on fucking that bursts into a blistering banging that the generous camera angles leave nothing to the imagination.

The abandoned stockroom becomes the setting for an all-out naked threeway. First, goateed Mid-East hunk Wajib Talib shows that hes especially talented in taking cock up his mouth as Nijab Hayyan gets a blowing that is fit for any Sultan of Schwing. Desperately craving more dick, Wajib crawls over to hottie Al Tayyib who has been patiently waiting while masturbating rigorously. Then in a surprising twist, Nijab shows that he is also a cock-craving whore when he begins to choke on the massive meat of his eager partner. Tits are tweaked, groans are heard, muscles are tightened and finally, their Yemen-sized semen is splattered all over the same storybook tome that Jamal has found in the desert.

Scene four begins with extra-gorgeous, exotically-inked Muzzafar going at it with just-as-hot Jalal Aldin. These guys love cock and it shows. Jalal gets a blowing as expansive as the desert itself and then, reciprocating, he savors the sweet sex seeds of Muzzafar by giving him a super-blow-job that nearly sucks the cream straight out of this desert dudes jumbo dick. Muzzafar then offers up his perfect Arab ass cheeks to the relentless hammering of Jalal's athletic pummeling. Making his tight ass-shaft Jalals penis paradise, muscled Muzzafar slides into a sitting position so they can make-out recklessly while fucking. The cum-shooting session ends with Jalal's gorgeous eyes twinkling, and Muzzafar's beautiful come-fuck-me smile.

Horny Arab twink Jamal al Din stumbles upon another chance encounter amidst Persian rugs and poking peckers. This time, an all-out threeway ensues with Akram Safi being the first to tackle the scorching hot boners of his two dick-mates. Soon, sex-expert Yassen Uthal dives in tongue-first into the damp, moist abyss of Akram's sweet Egyptian ass-cheeks. An expansive anal experience ensues with a manwich of man-whores as the lucky bottom gets speared by two giant poles at the same time. The raunchy rump pumping practically rips Akram a new asshole but its not over yet. Akram finishes off the greased-up fuck session with Zubair receiving a threeway cream dream on his glistening abs before Akram himself delivers a cum-bath of mountainous proportions."

Enjoy Tommy Lima and his friends all dressed up;-)

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