♺ Seduced Straight Guys - Johnny (3rd Shoot)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-21 |
This third shoot with Johnny steps outside of the norms. Both in the style of the shoot and for Johnny. Instead of the usual introduction and small talk, we both opt to just dive straight into it.

Johnny was pretty nervous about doing this, but was sure he wanted to give it a go. Me on the other hand, having always wanted to get my hands on this incredibly sexy young man, was surprisingly a bit more reluctant. I don't think I have ever double checked with a guy so many times, just to make sure he was right with what he was about to do.  He assured me he was sweet with it and was cool with what was about to happen.

At the start, I had to leave him alone to get hard, but after a short time, we both hit the right rhythm. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as I sucked on it. I would force it deep down the back of my throat as far as I could, feeling it pulsate with excitement. At the same time trying hard not to let my own cock rear it's head out of the leg of my shorts. Man, this sexy young fella has the sweetest tasting uncut cock.

Thou on the surface, Johnny played the whole experience down, I think by his bodies reactions, by the way his cock grew rock hard in my mouth, and by the way it pulsated when it was deep throated, he enjoyed the sexual experience as a whole, but not as much as I did.

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