David's Payback tickling

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DescriptionDavid from Prague owes Chad some money, but cant pay. So Chad decides to take it out in trade so to speak, and David gets put in the ropes for one hours worth of tickling. After a short workout on his feet, Chad closes in on Davids upper body and warms him up for the main event. It seems that the more Chad tickles him, the more ticklish David becomes. But when Chad straddles him to tickle his ribs, David bucks like a bronco while Chad struggles to keep his balance and yells: Ride em Cowboy! After that, David gets depantsed which exposes his bare upper thighs to Chads nimble fingers which find their mark with no trouble at all. Next, Chad works his way up to Davids ticklish tummy, pausing to explore his belly button along the way, then back to Davids feet which are in dire need of Chads attention which swiftly follows and in no small measure. The scene closes as Chads spider-like fingers lightly crawl back and forth along Davids outstretched arm while making frequent rest stops over his ticklish armpit.

Davids ticklishness is on the upswing and Chad gets him on a roll with some heavy rib and tummy tickling. Chad chastises David for thrashing around too much claiming: This is no fair! since it makes it harder for him to tickle David. Punishment for these transgressions is swift and certain as Chad attacks Davids armpits by way of retaliation. At this point Chad announces that Davids feet have been neglected and proceeds to apply the appropriate remedy. The camera moves in close to Davids shapely feet so that you can watch them squirm and flex while they are being tickled. Always the considerate one, Chad applies some baby oil to Davids soles to enhance the tickling sensations, and Davids laughter confirms the effectiveness of this highly unorthodox procedure. Never a shirker, Chad returns to Davids upper body and pulls out all the stops, tickling David so badly that he cried out: Its too much!

Chad starts this session off with a tour de force workout on Davids bare feet. First his nimble fingers dance all over Davids ticklish soles, then his hot wet tongue is brought into play for some heavy tongue tickling all around and in between Davids tender toes. David exclaims: This is the worst part! Chad just grins. On his way back to Davids upper body, Chad makes a brief stop along his upper thighs for a little fun & games, then livens up the action with some heavy lower rib tickling which sends David right up his tree. Chad then produces a long white feather, but is disappointed to find that its not as effective as he had hoped. However, when he turns it around and starts poking the quill end into Davids rib cage, everything changes! The best part comes when Chad lightly presses the quill in between Davids ribs and just wiggles it a little. The result is like unto the stuff that tickling enthusiasts' dreams are made of.

Chad loves to tickle feet, and today he has a special surprise for David. Out comes a sheer nylon OTC sock which Chad slips over Davids foot. Dancing fingers start things off followed by a delightful brushing of Davids socked sole with a styling brush. Being ambidextrous, Chad has no problem tickling Davids bare foot with one hand, and his socked foot with the other. Now its toy time! Chad removes a small electric vibrator from his pocket and applies it all over Davids voluptuous upper body. The business end is conveniently fitted with an array of plastic nipples which send David into hysterics. He cries out: Its a very bad thing! Being a nice guy, Chad puts the vibrator away, then really lays into Davids ribs and armpits so hard that David screams: Its worse than at the beginning! Chad just smiles and goes on with his work until poor David is completely exhausted. His chest heaves, he pants heavily and allows that his tickling experience has caused him to become sexually excited. He goes on to say that hes been tickled so much and so badly that he could not be more ticklish than he is now. But Chad is of a different view, and feels that theres only one way to find out.

Terribly aroused and still trembling with the excitement occasioned by his heavy tickling experience, David proceeds to take care of business after Chad releases one of his wrists from the restraints. Then, Chad adds fuel to the erotic fire by tongue-tickling Davids toes and nibbling on his bare feet. After the inevitable occurs, Chad casually mentions that most guys become even more ticklish after they have cum. But when David expresses doubts about this Chad decides that its time to put David to the acid test of ticklishness. Deftly, he pins Davids free arm down with his body weight and goes to town on his ticklish armpits and upper body. David thrashes about in a futile effort to wriggle free, but he is too weak from exhaustion to fight back, even with only one arm restrained. You see, Chad is determined to have his way, for tickling is to Chad what our lifeblood is to a vampire. No wonder his handle is Ticklemaniac.

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