Magnum Griffin Collection 2 - 7 (1981) [AVI]

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DescriptionMagnum Griffin 2

Material culled from over thirty Magnum Griffin loops is assembled here, broken down into three parts. The wide range of action and segments here make this a great introduction to the gorgeous models who made Magnum Griffin what it was, and what it still is today.

Running Time: 73 minutes

Released:  1984

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Cast:  Eric Stryker, Lance, Joe Reeves, Steve Waseman, Rob Montessa, Aaron Cage, Chuck Hanson, Corey Jacobson

Genre: Classic, Muscles, Vintage, Pre-Condom 


Magnum Griffin 3

Set in San Francisco, this all-action video has four scenes. Brian and Vaughn feature a willing man being choked with a dildo by his hairy and bearded partner at one of San Francisco`s popular bathhouses. Long-dicking the guy`s throat is a highlight before they also shove the dildo up asshole. Then,in a room filled with leather artifacts, mirrors and chains, the smooth bottom later straps on a harness to hold a buttplug up his ass while sucking the other`s big hard-on and having his tits played with.Two hung and defined men (Dean Chasson and Mike Delfino) jack off while watching a porn movie in The Nave Hitchhiker. Blowjobs are shared through their jeans before ass-fucking and huge cum loads are initiated and licked clean.Pumping Iron takes place in the weight room. Here, a bearded, hairy, macho man gets a rim-job and a butt-fuck from a smooth bodybuilder. In this long and interesting session, they alter mutually jack off, suck cock some more, finger-fuck rears, and cum a second time.New Recruit has a redheaded young man (John) who takes dick in the mouth and up his ass by two grunts (Mike Savage and Chuck Reddy). Army clothes stay on as a threeway ensues into orifice-choking. Larger-than-life close-ups capture cumming on faces and into open mouths as the three men group on the bunk beds and jack their dicks off.

Running Time: 56 minutes

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Cast:  Mike Savage, Dean Chasen, Chuck Reedy, Michael Delfino 

Genre: Classic, Muscles, Pre-Condom 


Magnum Griffin 4

This all-action, pre-condom collection of short films comprises four threeways built around gym motifs, i.e. exercise machines, whirlpool baths and the like. The men on this disc are youthful, physically attractive, quintessentially Seventies specimens – shaggy ’dos, fit but not overly muscled bods.

Running Time: 58 minutes

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Genre: Classic, Jocks, Threeway, Pre-Condom 


Magnum Griffin 5

“Party Time” or “Johnny & Skipper.” Boyish Bruce and Jon discover a porn mag. They jack each other off, then suck each other. They rim and pound one another's assholes in both doggie and missionary styles. “Exercise Room” or “Take a Chance.” This episode gather beefcakes Jim, Hank and Ron in an outdoor threeway. The anxious middleman takes an asslicking before double-sucking the others' cocks. Good penetration shots (both oral and anal) and big loads of jism-on-face are capture here. “The Hooker” or “Room Service.” Bill and Ken hire Sam as a male prostitute. Huge boners are photographed in mouths prior to the three piling top one another for a fuck sandwich. “The Cowboys” or “The Ranch Dudes.” Rod and Clem are hanging around outside the corral. They deep throat cock (shown with big closeups) and mutually jack off. With a saddle on the ground, they rim and fuck. Ass-pounding includes the bottom man taking it head-over-heels on his shoulders. This sequence features Jack Wrangler."

Running Time: 53 minutes

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Cast:  Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Dennis Johnson, Johnny, Greg Kolb, Skipper, Paul Strand, Biff

Genre: Classic, Pre-Condom 


Magnum Griffin 6

Number six in the Magnum Griffin series focuses on group scenes, sometimes involving bondage, but always involving cock worship. Meaty cocks are sucked, pulled, and stuffed into eager man-pussies. Appetizing loads are shot enthusiastically after much sucking and ball worship. There is a good mix between young, muscular blonds and brunettes and some hairier, older-looking models.

Running Time: 57 minutes

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Cast:  Chris Burns, Shadow Joyce, Steve York, Eric Ryan 

Genre: Classic, Threeway, Pre-Condom 


Magnum Griffin 7

Magnum Griffin offers this near-perfect compilation of clips starring Eric Ryan, Chris Burns, Steve York, Shadow Joyce, and others. Super-hung Steve York and another impressively endowed athlete are on a wrestling mat and begin going at it with believable gusto. Another highlight of this series has a beautiful, athletic Asian and a long-donged brunet with a swimmer's build meeting as new neighbors. These two segments' erotic power comes from the realistic portrayals of common fantasies of young men around the familiar "gym" and "the boy-next-door." There is one sequence involving Eric Ryan as a cowboy, (however gorgeous), cumming atop the hood of a Cadillac, inspires laughs, not lust. overall a good sex film. No condoms

Running Time: 54 minutes

Studio:  Bijou Gay Classics

Series:  Magnum Griffin

Cast:  Chris Burns, Steve York, Tony Prince, Shadow Joyce, Eric Ryan, Melchor 

Genre: Classic, Compilation, Pre-Condom 

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