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Ringwars 21 - Mitch Colby vs Skotch English

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"So, So Much! So Much To Destroy, So Much To Beat On!"

Skotch English came out of nowhere a few years ago to deliver a hardcore, old school, Canadian grizzly style beatdown on an up and coming young face. The big, burly bear daddy brought his particular brand of classic, feet on the ground, head-on body-bashing that harkened back to the "good ol' days" of 70's style pro wrestling, when a sexy belly and a neck the size of a sequoia could beat the pretty right of just about anything. His lengthy tour of Yank indy promotions finally brought the snarling Canadian back our way, and he specifically asked for one of our prettiest wrestlers to pick up where he left off.

Few wrestlers have inspired the instant and fanatical fan following that Mitch Colby has. And really, the attraction isn't hard to understand. 6'2", 210 pounds, gorgeously tanned, classically handsome, and honed like only a competitive fitness star can be, Mitch strikes a breathtakingly stunning figure of pro perfection when he strides into the arena wearing an American flag warm-up jacket and metallic blue, oh-so-brief butt-hugging trunks. He's as handsome as ever, sporting just a hint of chest hair that so many of his fans adore. And when he gets a look at 5'7" Skotch staring down at him from the ring, Mitch scoffs.

"I finally get to meet one of BG East's pretty boys in person!" Skotch laughs. "Ready for your destruction?" Mitch rolls his eyes. "Oh, more than ready." Strolling confidently to the mirrored wall, Mitch takes a look at the handsome mug staring back at him. He makes no comment. And no comment is needed. It's as stunning an entrance as we've ever seen.

Skotch apparently agrees: "Let's see that hot body, fella!" Skotch demands. "That's what I'm here for. You're here to amuse me!" Mitch smiles wide as he slowly, seductively strips out of his warm-up jacket and flexes those pecs that have made so many BG East fans swoon. Skotch certainly isn't the first opponent eager to get an up close look at Mitch's beautiful body. "So much to destroy," Skotch mutters. "So much to beat on." Sentiments shared by many an aggressive BG East heel - many of whom then found themselves on the receiving end of a serious thrashing from our All-American good-guy ring-god.

Skotch challenges his studly opponent to a test of strength. They flex, pecs pounding into pecs. It's Mitch's conditioning and height that turn the tide, driving Skotch's knees to the mat and threatening to snap his wrists. The Canadian bear battles back to his feet and shoots a kick toward Mitch's groin to bring the big man down, but Mitch is no doe-eyed rookie. He catches Skotch by the ankle, spins him around, hoists him into the air before delivering an atomic drop onto his knee. BG East's resident dangerous-pretty-boy is all over the Canadian, nearly ripping off his head with a clothesline and hip tossing him back and forth from corner to corner until Skotch can barely climb back up to his knees. "What do you got!?" Mitch yells in face. "So far, nothing!" He flexes his mouthwatering guns and chuckles. "I don't think you're near as tough as you think you are!" Oh really?....

Rock Hard Abs and One Tough Canadian

Mitch probably shouldn't dismiss the rumors regarding Skotch's level of toughness. The Canadian brawler proceeds to drop the handsome hunk with a wicked punch to the gut and then pounds Mitch's classic countenance face-first into the turnbuckle. Trapped and cornered against the turnbuckles, Mitch can only sit back and take it as Skotch rains down blows into the big man's big round pecs and rippled gut. "Look at these abs!" Skotch pauses to admire. "They're rock hard, that's for sure!" he laughs, launching into a renewed attempt to jackhammer away at mighty Mitch's very inviting core and chest.

Mitch's pecs are too big and beautiful of targets for the horny Canadian to resist. Punches and claws make the big man's chest burn bright red as Skotch zeroes in on tearing him to shreds. "What d'ya say, big man!? I'm going to rip those fucking pecs right off!"

The moment Skotch overestimates the damage he's inflicted on his truly pretty, but nonetheless veteran opponent, Mitch makes a comeback for some payback! Skotch is whipped like a wicked stepchild into all four corners, softening up his back before Mitch hoists the beefy bear up in a gorgeous bearhug that makes the snarling Canadian a suddenly whimpering simp. Apparently in Canadian there's no word for "submit," because Skotch refuses to say it even as he blacks out from the pain. His pouch perched proudly in a schoolboy pin atop the slack jawed bad boy, Mitch slaps down an incredibly slow three count, pausing extensively between each count to flex and kiss his sweaty biceps.

Awake again and a little wiser, Skotch starts Fall 2 more cautiously. "Is that all you got?" Mitch taunts. "I thought you Canadian boys were tough." If there's one thing that Skotch most definitely IS, it's tough. He neutralizes his opponent's height advantage by taking him to the mats. When Mitch succeeds in wrapping those stunning, tanned, powerful legs around the bulldog's waist, Skotch counters with an excruciating toe-hold. Stuck in a trap of his own making, Mitch is desperate reverse course, struggling to pry himself free. Damage done, Skotch grabs hold of the momentum and drives home the equalizer submission with a full-fisted crotch claw that has beautiful Mitch screaming for release.

The decisive, final minutes of this match are a study in strength and perseverance as both accomplished wrestlers pound away on each other. Up by the hair and then right back down again with ball claws and brutal punches, one of these fierce competitors literally gets his face dragged humiliatingly through pools of his own sweat. No one is admitting defeat, so it takes knocking one of these powerful men out cold to settle the score for good. A big, beautiful, hefty package planted on the loser's slack mouth sets the stage for an incredibly satisfying three count victory. Another hot and horny, bound-to-be classic BGE pro action match between two very talented and sweaty big heavyweight hunks.
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