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Mustang - ZAK ATTACK - Part 2 - Scenes 3 & 4

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Mustang - Zak Attack - Part 2 - scenes 3 & 4

Back in the dungeon Zak joins Mr. Roberts, Filippo Romano, Joshua Adams, Ortiz and newcomer Daxx Reed for a classic LaRue orgy. There's no point giving a blow-by-blow account, because it's non-stop sex. These are six men who clearly enjoy sex at its fullest. They lose themselves in each other's pleasure, and they take us with them.

We see the five doing a gang-rimming of Zak, followed by three simultaneous fucks: Romano into Roberts, Ortiz into Adams, and Spears into Reed. It ends with Zak shoving a black dildo up Reed's ass and everybody shooting loads onto Reed's face and chest. It's an enormously satisfying orgy for all concerned - especially for us the viewers.

The finale stars Zak with Brad Patton, who is Zak's opposite in every way: young, blond, lean, smooth. You know that Spears is going to split this kid in two, right? Yeah, right. For one thing, Patton has the biggest cock of the video - not even Zak can swallow this whale. They engage in some hot sucking and rimming, before the final fuck of the video.

And if you know Zak Spears, what happens next shouldn't surprise you - but it will anyway. With Zak Spears, there was no top or bottom. Zak loved man-on-man sex from all its angles. And if gay sex includes getting fucked, then Zak got fucked. Simply put, he was and is the most versatile superstar gay porn has ever seen.

So it's only fitting that in his comeback, Zak does it all. He pushes Patton on his back, sits his man-ass down on the boy's monolith, and then lifts up and out, so that he can sit back down on it again. I swear you can feel it going in. Once securely fucked, Zak rides that monster like a madman. At one point we actually hear Zak say, "Come on fuck me, tear it up, tear it up," as Brad does just that. He even shoots his biggest load of the video while Brad is fucking him. When it's over, even Patton can't quite believe what happened.

So in some ways that "teddy bear" comes through in the sheer exuberance that Zak displays. In all his performances, Zak Spears reminded us just how much fun gay sex is supposed to be. For all the snarling and sneering in Zak Attack, it's still the same old Zak telling us to enjoy our sexuality and showing us how.

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