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Spanish Uprising is a tale of magic and manmeat, a fiesta of foreskin that could only cum to you via the indomitable dynamo John Travis and Studio 2000 International. Hot on the heels of the runaway smash Barcelona Bound, Travis has returned to Spain with international superstar and Studio 2000 exclusive Rafael Carreras in tow, and created a phallic fantasia that will leave you gasping for breath. The cast of twelve is dark, dreamy and hung triple-X large. Every single sexy specimen onboard this erotic epic is bonehard and the cum shots they all blast are veritable garden-hose gushers. Banana-boned, 8x10 glossy Carreras appears in two scenes and has never been more torrid, tempting or tasty. With each passing video, Carreras makes it clearer through his flashing eyes, sleek cheekbones, rock star lips, taut torso and King Kong Kock that he is in a class by himself. Nobody kisses, sucks dick, eats ass and fucks with quite the smoldering allure he does. New exclusive Antonio Marquez, a handsome, muscular, beefy, thick-tooled titan, with a large tattoo across his back, will drive you to dick-draining delight. This dazzler, who boasts all the dynamic dimensions in just the right places, is a welcome addition to the Studio 2000 family of elite edibles.

Carreras and Marquez are touring the countryside of Spain when their car breaks down outside a picturesque old villa. As they wander around checking the place out, cock-slinging caballeros from the 19th century materialize, first in old clothes, then in contempory jeans and tees. It would seem that these ghosts from days past are bound to forever wander this forgotten villa and it is quite evident that they are very, very horny.

As Carreras sits on a garden wall pondering his situation, the breathtakingly beautiful curly-haired Adrian Reyes appears before him. They suck face with lips and tongues melding into one. Carreras sucks on Reyes amazing beer can bone and licks his smooth nuts as Marquez watches from a distance. Carreras rolls his ghostly demi-god over and devours his pink rosebud with his long, limber tongue and then guides his gigantic joint deep into Reyes mouth. He fucks his face with Reyes deep throating every inch and then some. Their sixty-nine is potent and the perfect precursor to Carreras fingering and then gliding his heat-seeking missile deep into Reyes pink pit. Missionary and doggie fucking is heavy-duty and the prick probing is captured is searing close-ups. Reyes jacks off his own thick dick and Carreras cums quarts all over Reyes face and hair. Overcum with the power of Carreras cock, Reyes slides the still slick stick deep into his mouth again just to taste the tool drool. He then vanishes. This scene is hot enough to melt the paint off walls and will definitely be a contender for sex scene of the year.

Massive, muscular Marquez soon finds his own astounding apparition in the form of swarthy, mocha-colored Mario Delazarius. They each show off their talents at sucking dick and Marquez really goes to town rimming Delazarius's dark, hairy hole. Atop a trunk, Marquez fingers, then drills his dong into Delazarius tunnel. Able to hold out no longer, Marquez pulls out and squirts his spooge all over Delazarius asscheeks followed by Delazarius jerking off before disappearing into thin air.

Carreras and Marquez check out the grounds of the villa, have a picnic, and as night falls, strip naked and climb into their sleeping bags. What follows can only be described as a dream or is it? In a phantasmagoric trip into the past, the ghost are having a fuck festival. Lean cutie Matheus Rocha is pounding his prick into ever-adorable, heavy-hung Lucas Foz's asshole. And, in a grassy field, cafe au-lait Andreas Colmenares and studly Mario Perez are sucking each others huge hoses. Elsewhere, macho Jose Luis Vasquez's ass is being pounded by handsome Marco Flores. Just as things are about to climax, these spirits are summoned, and Carreras and Marquez wake up to find the sexy spirits from the night before trying to involve them in an orgy. Real or Reel? Completely confused, the tempted twosome retreat from the scene as Foz, Rocha, Colmenares, Perez and Jose Luis Vasquez give new meaning to group grope. Every man blows bone, no one better than Foz who leads the troops in a rock'em-sock'em, smorgasbord of sucking. Hyperactive Foz gets banged by Rocha and Colmenares and turns the tables to dick Vasquez with his stick. The sucking is slurpy, the fucking ferocious and the money shots thrilling.

Marquez is sitting on some stone stairs when a nude, buzz-cut, Alejandro Dominguez materializes by a brook. He is stroking his shaved cock, which prompts Marquez to begin pulling on his own foreskin-engulfed pudgy piece. Dominguez approaches and wastes no time stuffing Marquez's mast in his mouth. Marquez, in turn, deep-throats all of Dominguez's dong. They lick, suck, chew, nibble and gobble knobs, which leads to two heaping helpings of gunk.

Carreras is sitting on a bench in the garden when caballeros David Chelsea and Luis Casas materialize across the yard. Chelsea leaves Casas and walks toward Carreras. The butch, blue-collar Chelsea is the perfect match for sleek, sex machine Carreras. Lots of wet kissing and nipple nibbling make it clear that these two are turned on and tuned in. Chelsea chews Carrera's club.

Deserted by Chelsea, Luis Casas materializes before a napping Marquez and starts to fondle the sleeping star. Next, these two begin kissing like there is no tomorrow. Skipping further preliminaries, Marquez slams his stiffie right up Casa's cave. Casas revels in the anal invasion and soon is bouncing up and down with glee on Marquez's mega-meat. After taking advantage of every position in the book, Casas creams off while being pounded against a wall and Marquez lets his goo go all over Casas' crack.

Meantime, Carreras now has his puffy lips wrapped around Chelsea's equally huge, uncut pecker and gives as good as he's getting. Shortly, Carreras plows into Chelsea's big-boy, bubblebutt and screws him all over the bench. The heat is on when Chelsea sits down on Carreras' cockflesh for a wild ride. No question, Chelsea can take whatever is handed out and Carreras slams in and out of his cavernous crack with glee. Chelsea fires off plenty of prick pudding as Carreras continues to screw him, finally pulling out and releasing his own burst of boy batter.

Spanish Uprising is a mystical, magical tour produced with all the bells, balls, and whistles you have come to expect from Studio 2000 International. The cast is nigh onto flawless, no one more so than the super-sensational glam-god Rafael Carreras. New exclusive Antonio Marquez is magnificent and his appearance in three scenes really kicks butt. Legendary director John Travis and Studio 2000 International have a certified winner in Spanish Uprising. Six sex scenes plus three "erotic hallucinations" add up to a neverending story of fantasy, flash and fabulous flesh.

One classic "imprescindible", scenes of Carreras excelent, point of reference
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