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In the saunas of Rio excitement and danger lay just around the corner! Watch this cute little twink get punched, slapped and kicked around by a hardcore sauna boy!

Stud Mall features real, hardcore, uncensored, amateur sex. I have seen hundreds of porn films and been aroused, amused, educated and surprised but this is the first film that to shocked me. There are only 3 scenes but the first one certainly grabs the attention.

It starts innocently enough in a bedroom with a pale skinned smooth Brazilian teen slave boy and his late-20s muscular master. The young slave has wrist and ankle restraints attached to chains. He also has a big uncut cock. His hunky master is slightly hairy all over and he starts by gently whipping his slave and slapping the boys arse before pissing on his back and crack.

The whipping continues briefly until the master drags his slave by the hair on to a bed and starts to lick his piss-wet crack clean. Initially the slave starts to suck his master�s big uncut cock and balls, but then he is denied any control in the matter and his master starts to fuck his face, ramming the boy�s mouth down on to his pole, pushing his arms out of the way, slapping his face, kneeling on him, making the boy twist and turn to take the cock from almost impossible angles. When the boy struggles for air he just gets more slapping, when he tries to get away he is dragged back by his hair. The resistance looks real rather than role playing. The slave is slapped, whipped, kneeled on before being forced on to his back with his legs in the air and brutally fucked. He cries out in pain but any resistance earns him yet another slap around his face and arse cheeks.

At one point the boy looks to be choking as the master has one hand around the boy�s throat while he slaps his face with the other. The resistance continues and the slave is punished by having his neck stood on.

The boy then gets a break while his master pisses on him again. But he is soon on his back being brutally fucked once more. Then things return to what looks like consensual sex as the slave casts off most of his restraints, squats over his master�s cock and enthusiastically bounces up and down � eventually spraying a load over his own stomach and getting his master�s load over his face.

The second scene again starts in a bedroom with a dark 18 year old being dominated by two late 20�s studs. One of the older guys is wearing a studded leather mask. He also has a big uncut cock that curves up towards his navel and is rock hard for the entire scene. On the other hand the other guy struggles to get stiff. The slave boy seems happy to be pushed around and forced to suck both guys, although he seems to be suffering when the masked guy rams his cock up his hairy hole and the other one fucks his face. After several changes of position the masked guy fucks the other two, moving from one upturned butt to the other (without changing condoms). All 3 shoot nice loads, particularly the young one.

Finally there is a solo scene in which a rather handsome, slightly hairy stud whose arms, back and right thigh are covered in colourful tattoos lays on a bed, lubes his big uncut cock, and strokes it until he blows the biggest load in the film.

I�m glad I didn�t stop the film half way through, and I�m sure if you like the idea of teen slaves being seriously dominated you will like it too.
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