kevin part 4

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Descriptionbreederfuckers straighthell
We've heard enough from macho tattooed hetero Kevin. Since all he wants to do now is yammer abuse, Dave wraps his mouth with tape so his mouth is firmly sealed shut. The only thing we want to hear is this fucker begging to suck our cocks and get screwed up the arse. And the only way he'll learn his place as our fuck toy is if he's physically and sexually humbled. Plus there is nothing hornier than watching a big stupid straight stud crawling pitifully across the floor humiliating himself. Kevin's arms and legs are bound tightly with rope so he can barely move. Magnetic clips are attached to his nipples and foreskin while bits of metal are tossed over the floor. It's agonizingly hard for him to move across the rug collecting it all up, but under strong verbal orders and the stinging lash of a riding crop Kevin makes himself move inch by painful inch. While he collects each piece the weight stretches his long silky foreskin and tugs on his nipples all the harder.
Little tinkling bells are attached to his nipples so Kevin can put on a show. He must dance up and down in place making them jingle and his big fat cock flap up and down. Kevin's strong masculine body and proud cock are now used to put on a humiliating show like the filthiest slag flaunting his wares on the street. Dave orders Kevin to relax by bending over a bench which puts his arsehole on show. Adrian heard Kevin ringing his bells and comes in to find this meaty slut with his arse up like an advertisement for fucking. They take turns shoving their dicks up this moaning bastard. His big round arse cheeks are covered in their spunk. Kevin lies collapsed over the bench aching with cum dripping off him like the filthiest slut in the world.

seedbonus is greatly appreciated ^^V
and deeply needed :(
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