Falcon Studios - Sexflix and Chill - Brenner Bolton, JJ Knight (1080p)

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Performers: Brenner Bolton, JJ Knight
Release Date: 2016-05-13
Duration: 27 min 35 s
Video File: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Bit Rate: 6948 kb/s

Description: Always eager to expose himself, JJ Knight goes online for some webcam fun. The viewer instructs JJ to strip off his t-shirt and shorts, but to leave on his tighty whities. JJ rubs his smooth, muscled torso and spreads his toned legs wide, revealing a gigantic bulge barely contained under the thin, white briefs. Meanwhile, Brenner Bolton peers around the corner, spying on JJ's cam session. The webcam viewer finally commands JJ to take his dick out, and at the sight of JJ's massive erection piercing the air, Brenner is unable to contain himself. He bursts into the room, ends the webcam session, and falls to his knees to service JJ's huge cock. JJ returns the favor with a deep-throat blowjob on Brenner's cock before flipping him over and eating Brenner's ass with ultimate abandon. With his hole slick and ready for fucking, Brenner mounts himself on JJ's cock for an intense ride. As the energy soars, JJ spins Brenner around and pounds his hole doggie-style until Brenner spews a giant load. Brenner gets to his knees once more and takes JJ's massive cum geyser right in the face.

Tags: ~anal ~hunks ~jocks ~oral-sex ~jerking-off ~rimming
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