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DescriptionRich has 21 year old straight Eddie so aroused that his eyes roll
to the back of his head, but he still won't let him cum.  Tied with
his hands behind his back, his long, lean body looks so sexy as
he gasps, pants and twitches while Rich strokes his cock.  This
is just the way Rich likes his young men, helpless and at his
mercy, depending on him for sexual release.  He's very stingy
with his strokes, going slow with a light touch, making Eddie
yearn for release, enjoying the torment he's putting him through
as he lightly fingers his erection.  When he's had his fun, he
gradually picks up the pace, and Eddie starts to thrush and
heave.  By now he's so overwhelmed with pleasure and
frustration his eyes have rolled to the back of his head,.  Eddie
very sweetly requests permission and shoots high into the air
as soon as it's granted.

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