Amir Laden & Atlas Xavier

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Atlas Xavier is not the usual Latin stud we see in Rawhole, a nervous, ragged twink with a lock of bright pink magenta hair. But none of that will distract him from the main event, a sturdy uncut tool hanging between Atlas' legs. That's not to say that his fuck buddy, the macho Amir Laden, is any slouch in the cock department - his stiff rod is the stuff of wet dreams. When these two raw motherfuckers start kissing in their underwear, dicks scratching the thin white cotton shirt, you know it will be shit to remember.
Atlas lies on the bed with his legs spread, looking very fuckable when Amir jumps on top and starts rubbing himself. He places his hand under the waistband of Atlas' panties and slides a finger along his ass. He runs a rough, wet tongue from his groin to his bites, then the perverted Atlas sucks his fingers from the big muscle of the stud's foot. With a hard slap on the ass, Amir signals that it's time to get anal. He buries his hungry face in Atlas' ass and licks the twitching hole. When Atlas wraps his ankles around Amir's tight waist, Amir gives his cock a few hard strokes, then enters.
Loving the ass = filling action, Atlas pounds his cock in time with each hard stroke. Amir grabs a muscular pec as he drills Atlas' cock-hungry ass. When Atlas squats just above Amir's hips and gives a hard ass-splitting fuck without a saddle, it's time for Amir to let loose and start pumping fuck. With a stroke or two, he's exploding like a geyser, spreading creamy juice all over his abdomen and pubes. Amir pushes his ass down on Amir's squirting tool and shoots as the last few spurts fill his thirsty ass.
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