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Hot House - Doctor´s Orders

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DescriptionDilation. Wow. My pupils certainly did just that after I sat through Dr.'s Orders Pt. 1: Manipulation. Old and new cast return for this second trip to the filthy hospital where MD stands for Medical Deviant. Some of the twinks have gone - this time thereÂ’s more body hair and testosterone.

Gay Porno is great, I love it. Beats real life. Mind you, I did hear about a gay surgeon in Boston who had his medical license suspended after he left a patient on the operating table for half an hour in order to make a bank deposit. You wonÂ’t find that sort of thoughtlessness here. These patients are well looked after!

I wonÂ’t keep you waiting.

Those of a nervous disposition may want to stop reading now. (Have they gone? Pussies.) This is a hard flick for hard guys; you are gonna be adding this to your all time favorite pile.

We start with Will Clark, whose appearance changes in every film, this time unfortunately modeling himself on Ken Ryker circa 1988, getting to grips with hairy Latino Perez’s poopshute. Clark sets about administrating the first steps in what’s to become some heavy sphincter stretching exercises. He’s lubing up a huge dildo behind unsuspecting Perez’s back, all the while talking in a soothing voice that gets filthier by the second. If you are unfamiliar with the twisted humor that runs through these movies you might be a little shocked, but fans will love it as Clark slams the dildo into an agonized Perez’s hairy hoop and casually asks in a sing-song voice, “So what about them Giants?”

The dildo was only a warm up as he prepares the enema pipes. And yes, he does sniff the dildo after it’s been up Perez. Yummy. “It’s a lot like basketball, because it dribbles in,” he comments as the thirsty Mr. Perez receives four loads of hot water. Clark sings a few lines of Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run” but I thought he’d be better off doing a cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Isn’t it colonic? Don’t ya think?” Finally Perez vacates it all into a bucket and this wonderfully pervy scene draws to a close. But it’s gonna get pervier.

Next up Nicaste scolds patient Rider (who youÂ’ll remember as the innocent looking twink from the first) who keeps hiding the hospital property buttplugs. Nicaste gets tempted though and our hairy nurse is soon stripped and slobbering over RiderÂ’s impressive shaved cock and balls. In another cubicle Fuller has been left all alone and the crystal has kicked in. He stretches his asshole with both hands (and yes, we get a close-up of his insides) before riding a few immense lumps of plastic. Elsewhere Clark is keeping patient Perez happy - shoving anal balls up him, before lubing up a double ended dildo and climbing aboard, too.

Prepare to enjoy a great solo as Tager begins to jerk off in an otherwise empty room. He laps up the precum from his huge dick before impressively auto-fellating himself and talking dirty in both English and Spanish. This mind blowing scene has Tager sucking his own cock better than most performers can suck someone else! Was this guy dropped on his spine as an infant? The coup de grace occurs when he shoots his load into his own mouth. YouÂ’ll wish you were as lucky as it drips down his chin.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ECT next as Gallo wheels patient Evens into the shock treatment room. Evens looks so hot in his straitjacket youÂ’ll be drooling. Gallo canÂ’t resist either and is soon forcing the blue eyed captive to choke on his massive meat. GalloÂ’s foreskin is the stuff on legend and newcomer Evens uses his tongue to great effect. Out comes the plasma ball and Gallo has a fun time zapping his patient all over. As it crackles across his body you can see him shudder with joy. Gallo probes his asshole with the horny bugzapper and Evens is in Seventh Heaven. Away with the ball and out come the toys as Gallo force-feeds the straight-jacketed slut a huge dildo before sticking it up his hungry ass. Evens rides it like the Devil, forcing sweaty Gallo to shoot all over his buttcheeks. Looks like Evens is cured, but bugger only knows what his original ailment was.

Finally my favorite Doctor (Baxter) and his creepy assistant Baron return. They were great in the first part, and here they are dressed in black aprons and black gloves. They gas patient Knox and begin an amazing scene youÂ’ll never forget. Our Doctor - friendly in the first, now Mr. Kink - orders his assistant to perform high pressure colonic irrigation on the comatose patient.

YouÂ’ll be amazed how much this guy can take, and even more amazed when Baron gets up close and personal, receiving showers of water straight form KnoxÂ’s ass; Baron gets literally drenched. Out come the rubber gloves and the hot Doctor (why didnÂ’t we ever see George Clooney naked?) works dildos of varied shapes and sizes inside his patient.

Finally the beautiful doctor romantically fists (yes, it can be done) his relaxed patient and the film finishes. IÂ’m so in love with Baxter itÂ’s not even true, and would have loved to see him get his cock out, but you canÂ’t win them all.
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