TIM - Fuck Holes 3 HD- split scenes

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DescriptionHere is an edited version of fuck holes, minus the breasts and vulva.

Scene 1 - FUCKING CRAZY : Ryan Cummings, Darrell Bass, Tony Bishop, Sam Bridle, Erik Hassan, Saul, Toby Nelson, Yury, James X, Kobra X and many more.
RYAN CUMMINGS is a fuck hole that literally travels the world taking loads from just about anybody. He sets himself up in cities with a digital load taking counter and starts spreading the news on social media and hook up sites that his hole is available for public use. These breeding parties are infamous.
I got him in a sleazy NYC hotel room, signed up a couple of TIM men like TONY BISHOP and SAM BRIDLE and then got the word out that the hole was taking loads.
When RYAN showed up with a bottle filled with 110 loads of cum, I knew all bets were off.
18 men show up to breed him and I asked them all to get that scum deep in his hole with no pulling out. A third of them went running for the hills when they got a whiff of the bottle of saved up loads. If you have never experienced the stench of 110 saved cum loads it is a damned shame we couldn’t present this in smell-o-vision.
As one guy said to me afterward – “I didn’t sign up for that”.
So how many loads does RYAN take? There’s only one way to find out. Oh. Did I mention RYAN is a multi-orgasmic cummer? Presented without further comment. It IS Fucking Crazy

Scene 2 - LOADING ZONE: Lukas Cipriani and Tommy Deluca
LUKAS CIPRIANI came to town to get fucked by ROCCO STEELE. I recruited TOMMY DELUCA and his colossal cock so we could get the fuck hole full of a fresh load of sperm.
TOMMY knows how to make good use of a hole. And LUKAS’ is damn near perfect. TOMMY becomes obsessed and fixated on the hole. He works it open with his tongue and fingers because he KNOWS he’s got a big dick and he also knows he is there to fuck, breed and get it cummy.

Scene 3 - SLOPPY SECONDS: Lukas Cipriani and Rocco Steele
Enter ROCCO STEELE. This is a good one.
ROCCO STEELE is The Hole Whisperer and LUKAS CIPRIANI's hole likes a big dick. He takes ROCCO’s motherfucking massive one like a champ. He sucks it, gets pounded by it, rides it and eventually is totally impaled by it.
But this is ROCCO STEELE. You know he’s going to mark his territory -- because that is what he does -- and leave a fuck hole filled with cum.

Scene 5 - RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT : Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, and Eli Lewis
FLYNN EVANS - our dick from down under - is back taking on the two power holes of ELI LEWIS and KYLE FERRIS.
This sizzling 3-way has the two cum hungry bottoms competing over FLYNN’s massive Aussie cock. FLYNN rims both butts getting them nice and wet for his dick.
The holes line up and take turns on that big meat, alternating between getting pounded and riding it one hole after another. When the time comes for FLYNN to breed the boys they pile on top of each other and EVANS manages to get his sperm into both eager asses, leaving no hole unsatisfied.
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