[Tickled Hard] - Scrappy 2

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DescriptionWhile thunder booms outside, Scrappy strips down to his swimsuit and climbs onto the tickling table. Franco cuffs his wrists and gives a test tickle to Scrappy's smooth, soft sides. This 20-year-old sure is ticklish! Franco secures his size 11 feet and tickles him between his pretty toes with the small brush and pointy rubber nub of a denture cleaning brush. He tickles Scrappy deeply on his sensitive thighs, then returns to his feet, tickling them with a regular bristle toothbrush and his meaty fingers. Gasping for breath, Scrappy twitches all over as Franco continues tickle torturing his feet with different tickle toys. Then Franco messes with Scrappy's head by cutting open one leg of his swimsuit and jacking his dick while he tickles his thighs. Scrappy's laughter deepens when Franco climbs on top of him and tickles his armpits and upper ribs. He verges on tears when Franco tickles him in his bellybutton and on his underside. Franco tickle tortures Scrappy's feet with the big blue brush, then makes Scrappy's thighs flex and toes point hard by jacking a load out of his cock. With Scrappy totally defenseless, Franco continues the tickle torture, stimulating all of Scrappy's tickle centers until he's completely exhausted.
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