Johnny Forza's Broke Straight Boys Videos (Complete)

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Description from the website

In his own words:
"I am just an outdoor guy from New Jersey. I love to go out into the woods with my friends, sometimes have a bonfire. I like girls, but I have no problem doing videos with guys for cash."

Our comments:
"When we first saw Johnny Forza, we knew that we had to have him on the site. He is straight, 18, very well built for his age, and he gets along well with everybody here. His diet pretty much consists of Burger King in between workout sessions, but aside from that, he is perfect!"

Producer comments:
"Johnny Forza is a great guy. I cannot wait to see him in the middle of a dick sandwich."

*The video folder is named "Broke Straight Guys", but it's actually "Broke Straight Boys"

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