Gay wrestling #38-Can-am and California Knights-Alex Romanoff Versus Johann Ulrich-foot chokes, victory posing, mat wrestling

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionThis is the whole match. Alex Romanoff is a muscled stud and Johann Ulrich is a smooth twink. This match is basically mat wrestling with three falls. They both start out wearing speedos and are barefoot but like the California Knights series goes off come the speedos half way through or so and then they wrestle naked. This match contains plenty of muscle to muscle contact and they roll around for the whole match only coming to their feet to face off a few times. During the final part of the match Alex does a cool maneuver and slides towards Johann and wraps his legs around his and sweeps him right off of his feet. It is quick but pretty cool. Alex does some cool victory poses and the footchoke on Johann twice after he defeats him. Alex just has more muscle mass than Johann and it proves useful. Oh I almost forgot they trash talk a great deal. I thought I would mention that. The 49 pictures reflect what is contained in the video and are pulled right off of the video. Vintage. Enjoy.

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