Military Classified - Adamson #2 - Ex Navy - Anal

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DescriptionToday is a special release because on occasion I will do a very impromptu shoot with no lights, and hidden cameras so that the model can relax and do more and today ADAMSON has returned to the militaryclassified cameras for a repeat performance with is wide 9 inch member. Return to the days of his first release and watch how that 18 year old boy has become a 21 year old man with muscles, amazing abs and an ass that just doesn't quit! Rob is on the receiving end of Adamson's fury! Check it out!
Adamson contacted me a few weeks ago and its been a few years since i've talked to the guy so you can imagine I was surprised at best to hear from him but I knew that it most likely was about money and of course I was right. Adamson was down on his luck and needed an infusion of cash to get him back on track and he thought of me so the rest became history.
When he arrived at my studios, I could tell that the young 18 year old boy i met a few years ago was now a 21 year old man with a muscular body, tight abs, and an bubble butt that would make any guy envious. I set up the cameras and room so that Adamson could feel relaxed and let go and that's exactly what happened. Once we got started shooting, I immediately made my way to his cock and before long, I had his pants off and deep throating his 9 inches till he couldn't take it anymore.
Adamson got so worked up that I made him play with my ass while I sucked his cock and before he was licking his finger and sticking it up my ass doing circles around my hole and revving me up for what was coming next. Adamson eat my ass like there was no tomorrow, and I was surprised at how well versed he was in the art of oral anal pleasing. This was just a prelude my friends because what came next made me sing to the angels!
Adamson fucked me with his 9 inch Mexican/American cock and eventually he had to bend me over and lay into me with reckless abandon and my ass had enough. Next I began to suck his cock, beat his cock, and stuff his cock in my ass several times before Adamson gave me the warning that he was about to unload his package. Adamson blew a load that literally made I'm curl his toes and left him in a pile of sweat, panting and trying to catch his breath! This is a 10 guys!
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