Keith & Leon Tied and Tickled

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Description*The video was converted from .VOB to .MP4 and happened to be broken up into 4 parts when doing so, even though the website listed 6 parts if you bought the clips individually*

Keith and Leon are licensed masseurs and are always open to new venues relating to their trade. Naturally they are easy prey to the sly and artful Chad who has convinced them that prolonged laughter is an effective form of therapy which invigorates the body and develops muscle tone. Chad offhandedly tells Leon that it is necessary to secure him spread-eagle on the massage table to keep his body tightly stretched during the therapy session. So much for the con job. After securing the unsuspecting Leon on the massage table, Chad discloses that he and Keith are going to administer an extended round of tickling which will cause Leon to constantly flex his muscles and perhaps lose a little weight in the bargain. Leon confesses that he has never been tickled in such a manner before, but being been helplessly bound to the massage table, is in no position to change his mind. So without further ado, Chad and Keith begin giving Leon the tickling of his life! Leon squirms and squeals as his dutiful therapists work him over, seeking out all of his ticklish spots until the exhausted Leon cries out that he can not take any more and needs a break.

Leon is filled with anxiety. He's still in the ropes, but knows full well that his tormentors will start tickling him again. But how soon, where and how long? Not to worry: Chad and Keith dispel these worrisome thoughts as they begin tickling Leons feet with gusto bringing a smile to Leons face and laughter to his lips. Next, the artful Chad springs a surprise by plunging his finger deep into Leons bellybutton, wiggling it around and sending thrills throughout Leons body. As Leon shouts: I cant take it anymore! Stop, Stop Stop! BTW, Leon has very hairy armpits, a feature which is not lost upon Chad and Keith whose fingertips are attracted to them like a magnet, and where they dwell for quite some time making Leon laugh and laugh and laugh. On their way back to his feet, they stop by his knee caps, squeezing the tender areas just above them making Leon laugh so hard that he coughs and gets all choked up, then cries: I want out!. I want out! (not a chance). More surprises; or, tickle toy time: Chad produces a whisk that Jay made out of Pine cone needles, and hands Keith an electric toothbrush. Needless to say, the boys send Leon into renewed bursts of laughter as they have lots of fun with their tickle toys. Yes, its great sport! Chad returns to Leons feet entertaining them with his hot, wet tongue, but really gets Leon going when he starts nibbling on his toes. Now rumor has it that Chad has a secret bellybutton fetish, and one can only wonder as he explores the depths of Leons bellybutton with an electric toothbrush. In fact, Leons bellybutton is so deep that the entire head of the toothbrush disappears into its cavernous interior which is so sensitive that poor Leon practically goes over the edge as he shrieks and howls because it tickles so bad. Even so, the end is not in sight as you will see in Part 3

A new twist is added when Chad places a red blindfold over Leons eyes. Now he cant see where they are going to tickle him next as his thoughts are filled with uncertainty and anticipation. Leon cries out: I cant see! Why did I agree to do this? How delightful! The boys continue to tickle poor Leon all over until he is so exhausted that they decide to let him out of the ropes. But now its Keiths turn on the table, and its interesting to see how Leon really gets into it as a tickle top. Full of attitude, Keith boasts: I am not ticklish. Really? Then why does he start laughing the moment they start tickling him? Always the smart-ass, he goes on to announce that: My feet are not ticklish, yet shrieks with high-pitched laughter the moment a fingertip touches his sole. Interesting. By now Chad has become a bit peeved with Keiths puerile bravado and ups the ante, grabbing the baby oil bottle and oiling Keiths soles up to make them even more ticklish. A just reward for the guy who said: My feet are not ticklish! Ha! Whos going to believe that? The scene closes as the electric toothbrush is skillfully applied to Keiths armpits which really sets him off.

Part 4. Now it's payback time as the uppity Keith gets put into the ropes where he gets a taste of his own medicine! You can purchase the complete uncut version including all 6 parts on DVD. Just click on the link to Jay's Video Store at the top of the page.

Part 5. Watch Leon laugh his head off loud & long as his tickling ordeal continues!

Part 6, and Leon's tickling ordeal comes to a rousing close!
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