Bigger Than Huge - precondom

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DescriptionBuffed gym dudes in this pre-condom slurpathon

Cast:  Jim Pulver, Mark Robbins, Jeff Tracy, Antonio Roselli, Russ Reeves, Todd Smith, Mike Montana, Robb Quinton, Tony Madsen

Director:  Mark Reynolds

Year: 1988
Length:  64min
MP4 @ 720p
HIS Video (originally Jocks Pack 016)

The setting is that Mecca for gays: the gym. There, guys fantasize about sexual encounters or remember hot times. In a couple of instances they might actually be the real thing.

Jeff Tracy, a slim blond who works at the gym dreams of going into the head and giving head through a glory hole. In his fantasy Mike Montana, a hunky blond comes in to use the urinal and ends up sticking his dick through the hole to fuck Jeff’s mouth. It’s but a fantasy and Jeff returns to reality before Mike cums.

In the locker room, Jim Pulver recalls an earlier time there when he fucked twink Mark Robbins. Pulver was a blond hunk that fueled many fantasies himself. (He’s on the cover.) Robbins is a real sweetie. As Jim stands before a full-length mirror and gets hard, the mirror becomes the scene with Robbins. (It’s a great effect.) “Is this your first time at the gym?”, Jim asks the sweet young thing. When the kid says he would like to have a body like Jim’s, Jim decides to give him his body. Now, I wouldn’t call anyone in this film “bigger than huge” but Jim is nicely endowed and Mark’s mouth needs to strain to get it inside. There’s less of a strain to get it into Marks’ ass. There’s some crosscutting from the scene to Jim fucking his image on the mirror. Mark cums while Jim is stroking into him. Jim pulls out to drop his load on the happy lad. We return to the present to see Jim unload on the mirror.

Jeff is back at the glory hole and this time (as there’s no dry-ice machine in use) this may be real. Jeff gets a nice black cock belonging to Robb Quinton who deposits a load on Jeff’s cheek.

Robb seems to remember—or more likely dream—a prison scene with himself as the jailor bringing in some fresh meat. The young prisoner is Todd Smith, the epitome of naiveté. What a sweet kid. He’s put in a cell with Antonio Roselli, a curly-haired youngster. Jailor Robb returns and forces Todd to suck him off through the bars. Todd is very convincing showing his shame at having his face covered with cum and is now fair game for his cellmate. Antonio wastes no time in feeding his dick to the youth; then has him bend over to receive that dick in his virgin ass. After Antonio has withdrawn and sprayed Todd’s back with his spooge, Robb returns to take Todd away to his “private quarters” for the duration of the kid’s sentence.

Antonio remembers a happier time when he was in bed with his lover Russ Reeves. Russ is an attractive young man who drives Antonio wild by licking on and finally sucking his cock. Antonio slides his dick into Russ’ rectum as they lay spoon-fashion to fuck him sidesaddle. Then adjusts to do it missionary.

Meanwhile back at the gym, Tony Madsen’s boyfriend has left without him and Jeff volunteers to take his place. Now Jeff gets his cock sucked (it’s a nice long one). Tony also offers up his ass to the young gym attendant, and Jeff enters him doggy style.

After Jim has dropped by his counter, Jeff now imagines getting it on with the blond hunk. The fog machine is at full blast to let us know this is just wishful thinking. The action takes place on the hood of a car where Jim lies to get sucked and Jeff lies to get fucked.

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