ACM Barron and Eli 1080p - release : 26 05 2023

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Added: May 25, 2023
There's just something about Eli that the other guys can't resist. Now, we can take a guess at it being any number of things - that handsome face, his hot body, his skills in the bedroom, his charm and charisma?

Whatever it is, his fellow CF studs always look forward to the chance to get together with him. That's true for Barron as it is anyone else, as Barron just returned from an extended time away, met Eli, and immediatley wanted to have at him!

Eli's perfectly happy with all of that, mind you. Seeing him at the outset of this episode bobbing up and down on Barron's cock, swallowing as much of it down his throat as he can, we can tell Eli was mighty glad Barron is back and mighty eager to take a spin on Barron's dick.

You know these two! You know the passion they bring to any episode they're in, and you know how much Eli loves to get fucked as well as how much Barron loves to fuck. Now sit back and enjoy seeing these two get to know one another!
2023-05-26 17:15:08
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