Austin Chandler - Ray Dalton and Jason Stormme

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DescriptionDaybreak at the bar and it’s time to get it in and fuck it off homo or be left to go home and rub one out. RAY DALTON (and his signature jar of Vaseline) spies UK whore JASON STORMME salivating over the bulge in RAY’s shorts. AUSTIN CHANDLER catches all this going down from the other side of the pinball machine, just as his cock starts to go up letting him know it needs some penetration too.

Some crotch baiting, dick sucking, pants-around-the-ankles and JASON is down on the floor taking cocks from both ends. RAY has his dick in the guy’s mouth and AUSTIN sneaks up from behind and unceremoniously shoves it in the hole.
The men take turns fucking when the impatient greed of needing your cock in a warm wet place takes over and AUSTIN suddenly finds himself impaled by RAY’s dick while he is still deep inside JASON. JASON’s dick decides it wants some ass too and AUSTIN’s is already opened up so what the fuck and he slides it right in cos’ payback is a bitch.

The sandwich fucking that follows is magnificent. Nothing better than seeing 2 cocks in 2 holes at the same time. Except for maybe when RAY’s cock in AUSTIN’s hole spontaneously makes AUSTIN’s cock erupt inside of JASON.
Special thanks to ROCKBAR NYC.

Fuck Off Homo sc #1
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