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[Mormon boyz] Elder Dudley - The New Name

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DescriptionElder Dudley & President Nelson

One of the final secret rituals The Order performs on the hot young men undergoing initiation is the giving of the new name. A boy who reaches this step leaves his old identity behind and becomes his true, sex-loving self.

Because the ritual involves the boy being fucked raw and drenched in cum, it can be painful and hard to endure. But the change that accompanies the ceremony is well worth it.

As Elder Dudley understands it, your mom and dad give you one name at birth, but in the temple your new daddy gives you a secret, new name, your true name, the name you had before you were even born.

Once Elder Dudley is given this name, he knows he must never tell it to anyone. Only he and the man who gives it to him will know it.

And Elder Dudley can only repeat it when asked for it in the temple by a member of The Order.

To receive the name, a boy must earn it by demonstrating obedience, serving the other missionaries and his leaders, and atoning for his sins. Only then is he ready to become the man he’s destined to be.

Over the course of his mission, innocent Elder Dudley truly has become a new man. President Nelson is more than happy to recognize the boy’s wonderful transformation by giving him a new name — along with his seed.

Before President Nelson can reveal the new name to the boy, the boy must be ritually fucked on a sacred altar.

Elder Dudley doesn’t mind. Now that he has been taught about love between men and boys, he can’t get enough.

Just a few weeks ago, he could never have imagined saying this, but nothing feels better than a hard dick in his ass.

President Nelson holds a special place in the boy’s imagination. With his rock hard muscles and enormous cock, the priesthood leader seems more like a god than a man.

And when his massive dick is inside Elder Dudley’s young hole, the boy feels like he’s going to explode with pleasure.

The muscular priesthood leader isn’t gentle. If Elder Dudley is going to receive his new name, he’ll have to show President Nelson that he’s a good boy who can take a long, rough fucking.

And then he’ll be ready to go back into the mission field for new experiences with the other boys, looking for the special few who would make good candidates for The Order.
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