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♺ Bear Films - Bear Voyage 2 (Higher Res Rip)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-10-03 |
A higher resolution rip of Bear Voyage 2.

This is a 640x480 DivX rip instead of the 352x288 mpeg rip that has been here a while now.

DivX 5 video  (88% of file)
Mp3 audio 128kbps CBR  (11% of file)
994 Megabytes - 2 hours 2 minutes duration


Fresh salt air, fresh salty bears and an ocean of cum combine for one unforgettable sexual escapade on the high seas.

The ship sets sail but something's amiss. Passengers report strange noises coming from one of the cabins. Captain Woody investigates and discovers passengers Daddy Rick and Dirk Grizzly slurping and hollering as they chow down on each others dicks. Woody watches the wild action in the mirror and soon has his own giant boner in hand, jacking off and feeling himself up as he watches his own private porn show, until he blows on the hallway mirror!

On deck Woody spies a happily married couple, including husband Kubby Loch. But the loving couple is soon separated when Kubby gets cruised by redhead bear-stud Steve Ellis and follows him to a nearby men's room. Inside the tearoom for two, Kubby and Steve end up in with Kubby climbing onto the counter and Steve sliding his dick inside the waiting hole. He finds his rhythm, pounding and stretching Kubby to his limits until Kubby blows two cumloads!

In the showroom that night, comedian Shann Carr performs for the appreciative bears, including Venicecub. But he's quickly distracted by the hot bear waiter, Michael McQuaig, who follows the passenger back to his cabin where the two big bears slurp on each others cocks until Michael takes charge and plunges his thick cock deep into Venicecub's waiting hole, finishing with a pair of bear-sized eruptions.

The next day married hubby Kubby is cruising the restroom, eager for more mansex, when he spies big Dirk Grizzly strolling by. The two head for Dirk's cabin, where things get steamy in the shower, then Kubby gets his turn on top as he sticks his ramrod deep inside Dirk's cub hole and pokes it in and out until these furry fuckers squirt juicy loads on each other.

The captain can't seem to clear his mind of the hot sex he witnessed and has to relive it, by scent. Inside Ric and Dirk's cabin he's got a jock strap in hand and is inhaling the musty man scent when Rick catches him. What follows is a seven-man orgy as all the boys stop by and take their turn letting the captain ride their swells, and boarding each other. It's a cumfest of a happy ending as these boys shoot their cannons, and rock the boat!

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