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Fernando - Waiter:

Arrogant Fernando saunters into my office smacking his gum and wanting to be directed to the chicks he can fuck. The big thicko found it difficult to understand he needs to give an audition before he’s accepted to do any kind of video. He sighed and grudgingly agreed to audition. He wants to be placed on a pedestal, but I’d rather see him completely naked on his hands and knees, begging for pleasure.

Fernando came to audition for porn and wanted to look the part. So he dressed like a slut with a great big gaping hole in his crotch – note my zooming in on it at the beginning of the video. I take issue with him saying getting a finger up his ass isn’t normal sex, but that made me even more eager to get the fool on the table with his backside up in the air.

This is lesson one in Fernando learning he can’t always do what he wants in order to get the job. By the end, he’ll learn how to flash it like a dirty bitch. It’s an important job skill I’m sure he’ll find useful in the future.

Be sure to duck down when Fernando’s ready to blow! He could take your eye out with the force of that big hot stream shooting from his dick.

Filip - Electrician:

Here's a big hairy bundle of muscle that looks like the type who'd wipe the floor with you if he caught you peeping a look at him in the locker room. Throughout most of the audition I felt like I was treading a very fine line. If he felt like I was taking advantage of him he'd jump me. I only hoped that if it did happen, he'd do it when stark naked.

There's something very satisfying about being able to talk to enormous muscular men like they are stupid little five year olds. But it's also essential to make sure I'm understood because of Filip's weak English.

Filip's got that look in his eye. I know I'm trying his patience when he's up on the table with his ass spread while I try to make him look back at me like a horny bitch. For now he's prepared to go along with it, but I know I can only take this so far.

It's obvious, but I loved watching Filip's big heavy balls flapping while he worked to get a hard on. Being able to hover around this enormous muscular naked man while he wanked was amazing.

Gary - Bricklayer:

Gary is a stern silent lad who likes nothing better than to get drunk with his mates and bang a girl together. Some straight guys really get off on the rush of joining in sex together as long as a woman is at the centre of it all. Maybe it’s repressed homo desire or maybe they just like showing off and slapping each other’s hands while reaching orgasm. But whatever the reason hearing Gary talk about his wild times with his mates really turned me on and heightened the excitement of then examining his naked body and ordering him to wank off in front of me.

From listening to him describe his wild times with his mates it’d be very sexy to watch them hanging out together. Funny how when everyone is trashed and jolly the first thing Gary thinks to do is dare his mate to stick his thumb up his arse. I think Gary is hankering for a certain kind of attention to his anus that he’s never received before.

Scanning Gary’s well-built body I found it an extra turn on they way he stared hard at me the whole time, suspicious I’d suddenly grope him. Getting in close to examine that full arse I was definitely tempted. But I think we’d need to have a few beers and get to know each other better as mates before he’d do anything like invite me to slide my thumb up his bum.

Gary’s hard masculine body tenses a lot as he shoots his spunk in front of me. I wonder how many of his friends have slyly eyed him getting off while having a 3-some with him and wished they could lick up his fresh sperm.

Geoffrey - Personal Trainer:

Why can't these horny fuckers make up their minds? They want to be a porn star, but they don't want to be on camera. They say they are willing to do anything legal, but back down as soon as something outside their experience is suggested. Geoffrey is sorely in need of a reality check - the kind he can only get from getting his clothes off and feeling the hot, intense sensation of my long lens pointing straight at him.

Any man who is seriously worried about what his mother will think about his going into porn really shouldn't start it in the first place. But, instead of telling him this and turning him away, I carry on because I want to see what he looks like naked and wanking off.

It's refreshing to meet a man who does actually understand the pleasure you can get from having your asshole fingered. I couldn't help thinking that his slightly open hole was begging for a little attention while I was examining it from a few inches away.

It's quite a sight watching Geoffrey's big muscular body gyrating as he angrily pulls one off. When he can get in the right frame of mind and enjoy pumping his big dick on camera, his real star potential is revealed.

Geza - Unemployed:

With virtually no experience, difficulty understanding English and his attitude towards gay sex it was clear Geza was of limited use to me. But I went through with the audition anyway, if only to teach this arrogant bastard a lesson. Plus I wanted the chance to get my camera right into his virginal arse crack and make him wank for me. Bending an uptight straight lad to my will is one of the best perks of my job...

Geza's English isn't great - so getting answers to my questions was like drawing blood from a stone. But one thing he made abundantly clear was that he was against anything gay. So of course I couldn't wait to get onto the physical stage and make him pose for me like a slut. When I ran through the list of what he would / wouldn't do he started to get suspicious and I wondered if he'd make a run for it. But being unemployed and the promise of ready cash persuaded him to stay.

During the physical, Geza gave off huge amounts of attitude, but I could tell that deep down I was making him nervous. So I made sure I got as close as possible to his fit, hairy body to make him as uncomfortable as possible. Despite his conservative nature he was pretty quick to get into the various poses and I have to admit, when he looked back at me and pulled his arse cheeks apart I had difficulty hiding my erection!

Geza's cock looked a lot more impressive when it got hard - which happened almost immediately. He certainly didn't seem to have any issues wanking with me in the room and it was a thrill watching him manhandle his balls while he tugged on his dick. It wasn't long before a jet of hot spunk shot out of his shiny bell-end. His cock stayed hard and twitched for several minutes after due to the intensity of his orgasm. He finished up red faced with shame, and I got exactly what I wanted for my video collection.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

Fernando - Interview.wmv:  26.17 MB
Fernando - Physical.wmv:  25.71 MB
Fernando - Wank.wmv:  26.29 MB

Filip - Interview.wmv:  25.13 MB
Filip - Physical.wmv:  24.54 MB
Filip - Wank.wmv:  25.67 MB

Gary - Interview.wmv:  17.38 MB
Gary - Physical.wmv:  26.69 MB
Gary - Wank.wmv:  31.82 MB

Geoffrey - Interview.wmv:  29.03 MB
Geoffrey - Physical.wmv:  25.38 MB
Geoffrey - Wank.wmv:  27.70 MB

Geza - Interview.wmv:  14.65 MB
Geza - Physical.wmv:  26.75 MB
Geza - Wank.wmv:  37.29 MB

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