Straight Hell - Bobby Orel HOT ASS

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Sexy Bobby Orel looks great as he lays on the bed and feels his hot body. A helping hand then arrives and takes some oil to rub over Bobby's sexy chest. The hands play with Bobby's nipples too and feel all over the chest. Bobby's pants are opened to release his stiffening cock which is soon covered with oil . The hands rub that cock and feel Bobby's balls too. The pants are removed and the hands play with the cock and balls. The cock is wanked hard and the balls are squeezed.

Then Bobby raises his legs to give access to his hot ass hole too. He holds his legs up as oil is rubbed over his hot ass and more on his cock as well. The hairy hole is oiled too and then the hands spread the cheeks wider. The cock is wanked a little as well. Then the tight hole is teased with a finger. Bobby wants it and soon gets a finger deep in his ass hole. The finger fucks his hole as his stiff cock is wanked too. He turns onto his left side trapping cock and balls between his thighs as his tight hole gets fingered again. Then the stiff cock is wanked again too.

He moves onto his knees and wanks himself as his ass hole is finger-fucked again. That hole gapes when spread, after the finger is removed. A vibrator is then pushed into that ass hole as Bobby keeps wanking. Soon a thicker toy goes into the hot ass hole, and is pushed deep inside. The toy fucks that hoel nice and deep as Bobby's cock is wanked hard too. He wanks himself hard as the first toy goes in and out of his hot hole.

Pushing his cock back as he wanks Bobby soon unloads his hot cum onto the bed as his ass hole is fucked by the toy. The hands then milk the cock to ensure it is drained. The toy still is fucked into the hole before being removed so the tight hole can be examined again.
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