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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-18 |
This torrent features three backstage pumproom videos.
The videos are quality rips of the original VHS tapes.

1988 NPC Nationals Pump Room-VideoAction        720x480  6526kb/s    55:29

Video Action is long gone but many of their excellent video tapes survive
from the golden years of bodybuilding.  Enjoy this backstage pumproom shoot
at the 1988 NPC Nats featuring some of the hottest muscle dudes of the day,
including fave Eddie Robinson, ultra hunky Franco Santoriello amongst others.

1998 NPC Nationals Pump Room 3 HW+SHW-13003      640x480  1726kb/s    57:42

See many rising bodybuilding stars pump up, oil down, and practice posing
during one of the largest contests in NPC history! These guys are the biggest
of the big, and you'll 'freak' as Repetrope takes you in for an up-close and
personal look at these human mountains of muscle! Mat Duvall, Jeremy Freeman,
Jason Arntz, Aaron Maddron, Doug Wentz, Scott Klein, Justin Brooks, Scott Peters
aka Pete Kuzak and many more big boys show you what they've got in this video.

1999 NPC USA Pump Room 2 LHW+HW+SHW-13008        320x240  1296kb/s  1:14:43

These guys really put meaning to the term 'freaky' and you'll see exactly
why as we bring you the big boys of this contest. Featuring a host of huge
and ripped competitors including Tevita Aholelei, Eddie Moyzan, Jeramy
Freeman, Erik Fromm, Joe DeAngelis, Garrett Downing, Rusty Jeffers aka
Carl Hardwick, Mohamad Moussawi, Melvin Anthony and many more as they pump
up with sheer size. A great way to get a close and personal look at the


1988 NPC Nationals Pump Room-VideoAction.mpg  2.53GB
1998 NPC Nationals Pump Room 3 HW+SHW-13003.avi  712MB
1999 NPC USA Pump Room 2 LHW+HW+SHW-13008.mpg  692MB

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