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DescriptionAll American Heroes - Private Scotty
Meet Private Scotty. He is a very hot corn-fed bro with just the right amount of tats to frame his perfect abs and thick arms. Private Scotty is a super-charged, testosterone drenched and highly sexual guy who gets turned on really easy. He likes to scout out MILF's and loves to jerk off at least twice a day when he is not getting it on with someone. Scotty also likes his body worshiped and still has plans of being a stripper someday. Secretly, Scotty also likes the feeling of a finger inside his hole when he is jerking off (he hasn't gone past one finger . . . yet). He also gets a raging hard-on big enough that you can almost see the veins through his pants. Watch his big man paws work that tool over through the fabric. Pretty soon he is sliding his paws under his pants to go hands on with that thick one. But once Scotty gets settled in, it's not long before his pants come off to reveal a cock thick enough he can hardly close his grip over it (six inches around for those keeping count). He also has a hot pair of low hangers that would make any tongue tingle. Once Scotty's pants are off, he gets right to work on that tool and he's not afraid to show off his amazingly hot ass either. After he gets good and warmed up, Scotty rolls onto his back and and poses as he works his cock up to climax. His thick arm flexes as he jerks at that cock, ready to milk his load onto his abs. The closer he gets, the more his thick thighs tense up, until he blows his load all over his ripped stomach. He makes sure he strokes every last drop from his huge nuts before giving a parting shot of ultimate release.

All American Heroes - Sergeant Miles Pounds Civilian Reid
Sergeant Miles is so hot, we had to find the sexiest civilian to take his orders, and his dick. Handsome and dark Latino Reid is just the man for the job. He starts with the basics, telling Reid how to stand at attention. He begins barking orders at Reid, telling him to get into push-up position. Miles tells him to do push-ups with his boot placed firmly in the middle of his shoulder blades, adding to the difficulty. Next he comes up behind him and has Reid place his arms out to the side while resisting downward pressure from the Sergeant. Reid makes the mistake of calling Miles "sir", not appropriate for an enlisted man. That gets Miles riled up and he puts Reid through courses even harder than before. Reid can't keep up and is ordered to strip down completely buck naked. He's forced to his knees where he immediately unbuttons Miles' pants and starts sucking his semi-hard cock. Reid is sucking Miles' dick, but the Sergeant doesn't seem pleased with the job he's doing. He orders Reid to sit down and tells him, "this is how you suck dick in the Army". With that, Miles engulfs the purple uncut dick with his mouth and gives a true Military cocksucking. Gagging himself by taking the full length of Reid's dick, the Sergeant is out to prove a point. That's not the only oral pleasure Miles is an expert at. He orders Reid to flip before burying his face deep in the Latino boy's ass. Reid tries one more time to give the service he's just been taught before he climbs on top of Miles' lap and starts to ride the big pink dick. They pause for a moment to make out before Miles picks Reid up and slams him onto his back where the fucking continues. Miles stuffs his dick in all the way till his pubic bush is tickling Reid's perfect round ass. Miles pulls his cock out and sprays cum all over Reid's rippled stomach while Reid sticks his tongue out, hoping for a taste. Reid stands and shoves his dick right in Miles' face, who opens wide. A giant load issues from the tip, landing on Miles' tongue and coating his cheek and chest in gooey white gobs.

AllAmericanHeroes - Petty Officer Eddy fucks Navy Corpsman Logan
Logan knows some things about physical fitness that Eddie hasn't learned yet. First the guys are doing partner pushups where they slap each others hand as they come up each time. Exercise somehow turns into massage as Logan has Eddy remove his shoes and socks and flip his feet up onto his lap. As he uses his hands to knead the tension on the bottoms of his feet, in between his toes, and around his ankles, Eddy leans back and watches the magic happen. Logan suggests that he could do a better job if Eddy's pants were off. Eddy happily obliges. Logan's hands work their way up Eddy's thighs, stopping to give extra attention to the area still covered by the black underwear. Before long, Logan's pink lips are enveloping the light brown foreskin and thick hardon. Logan, still fully dressed out in uniform continues servicing the giant meat, savoring the foreskin with every mouthful of suction. Logan seems to find the uniform confining and strips down completely naked before going back to giving Eddy an export blow job. Logan is curious if he can take the girthy piece of meat in his ass. He squats over Eddy's lap and lowers his hole gently onto the pole. Logan slides all the way to the base as he cups his balls and strokes his cock, grunting and groaning all the way. Eddy grabs Logan's hips and pulls him closer, trying to jam every last of the nine inches into his rectum. Logan lays on his side as Eddy sidles up in between his legs, smashing his prostate with huge uncut monster. Eddy pounds him from behind before Logan says he's about to cum. With Eddy still deep inside him, Logan unloads onto the dark leather, grunting as the white wads land in front of him. He obediently licks up his mess then kneels in front of Eddy, ready to eat more. The thick purple snake starts spitting white semen onto Logan's tongue, covering his tonsils and cheek in pearly thick stripes.

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