Bar Brawls 1-2

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Bar Brawls 1-2
Tonight something hot happened in Tony's bar. First, Tony had a nice conservation with his guest, Ben, who had just turned 19. But then troublemakers Tibet and Alfred entered the place, a little local bar in the historic city. Ben was frustrated, because he and his girlfriend had split up. The young boy was angry about this and wanted to let out his frustration in a brawl, and when the troublemakers entered he found the perfect opportunity! Both of them were already a little drunk, so Tony didn't want to serve them any more beer. Tibet was very angry about that, and so began the trouble. They came together at a table and started with arm wrestling, which developed into a fight between the two groups. Tony turned his bar into a small battle arena. Tibet just laughed about this challenge and was happy for the evening's action; he could not wait to take on barkeeper Tony, and so they began. Tibet, our heavyweight fighter, started very quickly and grabbed the wiry Tony, throwing him to the ground and performing schoolboy pins and scissors, then turning him onto his stomach, putting his feet and knees on him, and performing some wedgies, giving his opponent a caning. Even cuffing him too. Tony became really mad on account of this, which you could see in the way he fought back, but Tibet didn't hold back on the bullying and hurting, and thus Tony had to give up the first round. The second round seemed to be better for young barman, though. He was able to get Tibet into a schoolboy pin. But he had little time to enjoy his accomplishment, because Tibet turned the match back again. This time Tony was not able to counter his opponent. He needed a break. So Alfred and Ben continued. You can immediately notice that Alfred has been training. He is more muscular, and he seems more casual, learning more and more tricks. Our newcomer, Ben, was somewhat nervous and took off like a man possessed. But Alfred stayed confident and didn't allow Ben to get him worked up. Ben tried to throw Alfred to the ground by grabbing his legs, but Alfred countered with a headlock and leg scissors. Alfred won their first round, but it was not an easy fight for him, because Ben wanted to prove himself in his Fighplace d├ębut. He was able to get his opponent into a full Nelson, but Alfred is not a person to be trifled with. He was able to come back with a well-placed scissor, an arm lock and another full Nelson. When Tibet and Tony began their next round the tricks became nastier, and Tibet more brutal. This was a disaster for Tony, who finally had to accept CBT. Tibet had humiliated him like a poor dog, and Ben had to share this humiliation too. A hot fight night in a little bar with many hot scenes awaits you in "Bar Brawls".

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