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You pretty much gotta have anything Kevin Clarke put out. This used to be here (before the torrent died) in a pacakge of apparently ripped DVD and compressed files. Now it's here as one file. Thanks to whoever uploaded the other version! Hope this one has some more staying power. :P


Superstars JOE LANDON and ASHTON RYAN lead an 11-member cast of fresh faces in an affectionate toast to youth.

Brilliantly photographed in High Definition video with a twink-stud cast.

Come see why truly is "A Young Man's World".

Five middle-aged men are gathered in a spectacular home for the 50th birthday of porn impresario Barry Knight, who produced this flick along with Russell Moore, who is also in the scene. The other three are Ron Aron, porn legend Derrick Stanton (give me some more of this man in a daddy flick, soon), and the movie's director, Kevin Clarke, whose long, wild gray hair and general frumpiness becomes the butt of a very fatuous and disconcerting plot device. A cake is brought out, everyone sings "Happy Birthday," and the gifts are brought in: five delicious young men, who kiss Barry and go out to the pool to await instructions.

Meanwhile, the older guys start reminiscing. "I was 18 once," muses Ron Aron, as he sits at a piano with Stanton and Knight. The scene then dissolves into the same shot with the two twinkiest members of the cast, Court Logan and Trent Sebastian, sitting next to each other tinkling the ivories. They are soon tinkling each other and move to the patio, then the lawn. Court bears a slight resemblance to Bel Ami star Julian Aramis, wide-open face and light brown curls askew. Trent is more conventional, but also quite attractive, and both guys have a nice tone to their bodies, which are predictably slender. They suck each other through their briefs, move to individual cock worship while sprawled on an air mattress on the lawn, engage in a nice 69, and then Trent fucks the living daylights out of Court. Both deliver very sizeable money-shots for young men, a delightful hors d'oeuvre on the sex menu.

Back at the house, Adam Bristol, one of the "gifts," asks if he can go jogging. He's given permission, and the older guys look out at the pool where Justin Roxx is lounging, and imagine a scene with the two young men together. We fade into Adam's entry to the pool patio. Even if you are not into twinks, you will admit after this scene (and this movie) that Adam Bristol could be one of the first great young blond beach-guy finds of the 21st Century. Hair parted down the middle, tanned, a puppy face, which, when his hair is mussed, reminds you of the kid who plays Justin on the American version of "Queer as Folk." Adam also has a body that takes your breath away and a crotch and ass that tease you through tight boxer swim trunks. In short, Adam is a walking fuck-and-suck machine. He goes up to Justin, who bears a strong resemblance to Trent Sebastian from the previous scene, and begins a slow, cunningly framed and exciting blowjob.

There is a lot of time to fill in a two-hour movie, and in this one, there is plenty of time for blowjobs, which Adam obviously enjoys doing, and follows with a thorough rimming of his friend's upturned hole. One thing you will notice about Adam in this scene (and the last one of the movie) is the drop of pre-cum, which forms on the head of his pecker while he is servicing his partner. It's startlingly clear in digital, and it's quite exciting. He eventually mounts Justin, who's done nothing but enjoy this, missionary-style, and pumps away wildly -- there's lots of kissing here, too. He then turns him around porks him doggy-style, and just before you expect him to cum, he's on his back showing the camera his delightful butt. Soon, he's sitting on Justin's raging boner, pumping up and down, then moves into a sit-fuck position before winding up on his knees for Justin's continued thrusts. Both guys throw exquisite cum-shots while kissing side-by-side on the lounge (a satisfying sex scene even if you suddenly realize Justin didn't suck or rim Adam).

Back at the house, the pizza guy arrives. Russ Moore greets the bleached-blond towhead Zach Rhodes, and asks him if he wants to stay around for a tip. The kid is obviously not into daddies and begs off. This leaves Russ frustrated, and he goes out for a walk -- and his hair has been bleached from salt-n-pepper to blond. He sees Antonio Madeira, a beautiful open-faced guy who is sort of a cross between porn stars Marco Antonio and Mason Jarr, cruises him and is rejected. He goes home to his gym, and weirdly morphs into a younger version of his new blond self, emerges on the road as thin, extremely white-blond Jonathan Prescott, cruises Antonio again, and this time it works. So much for the premise. The two go back to someone's apartment and start to make love, and the bell rings. It's Zach, the pizza guy, who immediately drops the box and strips down. We have a three-way that turns into a liverwurst sandwich on Wonder bread -- the pure-white Zach and Jonathan worshipping the olive-toned Antonio. This scene is notable for two things: there is no question that Antonio, with a little guidance, can become a star. He is more than pretty in an exotically complex way -- he has a lovely body, and a monstrous cock. More than that, he has a beautiful hairy ass with a great pucker that is focused on continuously by the camera. He is eaten, he eats, he sucks and he is sucked. But, despite all the attention the camera, and his co-stars, pay to his hole, he is strictly a top. That's okay, for he does it well. The three cum side-by-side with Jonathan's a particularly impressive and strong stream of goo that flies all over the place.

From the piano room, some of the older men are witnessing the beginning of a classic love scene. At pool's edge, twink superstar Ashton Ryan and newcomer Jace Hughes are wet and kissing. The older men dream on. Kevin Clarke and Barry Knight set out for a walk in the woods, disappear behind a tree, and emerge as Ashton (wearing glasses) and Jace. They kiss, fondle, and suddenly we move to a speedboat on the lake, with Jace behind the wheel, but both he and Ashton distracted by each other. Ashton is by now a major star -- he's handsome, has a lovely body and a huge cock. He was a blockbuster in "The American Way," and continued in the sequel to prove his acting and sexual talents. The surprise here is Jace -- a 19-year-old with a wide-open boyish face and a serious talent for making and receiving love. Back home, the guys are on a couch in their checkered boxers, and the kissing starts. There is so much going on here on screen, that by the time Jace reaches into Ashton's boxers with his mouth for his cock, you get the impression these guys have done this before. They suck each other with playful familiarity -- Jace taking Adam through his shorts on the couch, Ashton taking a prone Jace on the floor. The close-ups of Ashton making love to Jace's cockhead and the looks he gives Jace are chilling. After some playful kissing and silent banter, Jace sits on Ashton's cock and the real fun begins. This is an extended fuck scene, which segues into Ashton atop a prone Jace, pumping away in rhythmic tenderness. The shock here is the sounds of unrequited pleasure coming from Jace, his whimpers are the kind you rarely hear in male porn -- he almost gives the impression that this is something new and totally wonderful and he never wants it to end. I watched this movie before reading the production notes and could not get over how passionate this segment was -- not down and dirty, wall-to-wall sex, but loving, playful, tender sex with all the eye inflections and all the whimpers. (Well, the production notes say the two are real-life lovers.) You will not see a better statement of this fact between two young men, nor a more loving, considerate pair of money-shots.

After this scene, Kevin Clarke, who is getting progressively drunk through the party, tracks down Adam Bristol, who is emerging from the shower, and propositions him. He's rejected, and tossed into the pool by Adam. Kevin decides on revenge and that means the spectacular Joe Landon and the beefy, mature Dave Parker, dressed as leathermen, are to work Adam over. Joe and Dave are clad in brand-new, shiny leather (looks like the outfits were purchased at a trendy Rodeo Drive boutique). They carry Adam, dressed in tight white bathing trunks, into a room. They force him to suck Joe. Dave sucks Joe and Adam. Joe kisses Dave. Dave kisses Adam. Joe sits on a makeshift bed. Adam sits on Joe's cock, a glistening drop of pre-cum poised on his upturned cock. (Let's get something straight: Joe Landon is probably the most spectacularly delicious, sparingly used, young porn stars around. His previous two appearances -- "Joe's Big Adventure" and "The Apprentice" -- showed his beauty was not just skin deep. Possessing an all-American face, natural swimmer's body and one of the biggest, heaviest, and yet not grossly disproportionate cocks of his generation of porn stars. His love scenes in those two movies -- with Tommy Cruise and Chris Rock, respectively -- were completely fulfilling. He kissed, sucked, rimmed and then fucked with grace, skill and true heat.

First, you can marvel at Joe Landon's head-to-toe beauty, and, you can also see what the power of a big cock means to a twink. The climax sees Adam sitting on Joe's huge pinata, pumping up and down steadily, but then ratcheting up his pumping as he comes closer to cumming. There is a sustained, powerful concentration of pumps by Adam as he gets Joe's cock as far up his ass as he can, all the while pumping his own pud which results in a truly spectacular climax by Adam whose face and body are contorted in explosive joy.

And the final hair-and-pool segment is, I suppose, a catharsis of sorts for Kevin Clarke. I found it unnecessary and somewhat degrading, not just to Clarke but also to those of us who might also be "of a certain age." You can skip it if you like, and concentrate on the rest of the movie, which has some real hot sex and some remarkable photography and editing. "A Young Man's World" is worth seeing, but it's also worth a warning. If you are over 50 and think that young men are mostly selfish and mature men are destined to be shorn of their locks as punishment for trying to relive the past, stop watching after Adam, Joe and Dave have cum. You will likely have cum by then yourself, and had a good party of your own along the way. Ultimately, "A Young Man's World" has one truly outstanding beginning-to-end sex scene, one which disappoints until it is saved by an unbelievable climax, another which is particularly hot and two others which are just passable. All of the scenes are enhanced by some of the best close-ups of cocksucking by twinks I have ever seen in a major production -- and I've seen them all, honey, going back to the days of the Park-Miller Theatre in Manhattan. There is genuine cock worship here by all those who wind up with meat in the mouth. There is licking, kissing, knob-play, deep-throating and a sense of desire, all of it enhanced by the digital videography, and even more especially heightened by some innovative (and to my mind, extremely sensual) camera angles. There is also a bevy of winking puckers tantalizingly (though, unfortunately in some cases, teasingly) waved at us, with very professional rimming to follow. You don't have to be a chicken hawk to enjoy these scenes -- they stand on their erotic own. However, while the plot is interesting, the execution is at times too cute and sometimes confusing, and, in the end, a bit disconcerting to some of us who are graciously considered Baby Boomers.

No matter, it's the fucking that counts, and there's plenty of that in "A Young Man's World."

The DVD version also includes a slide-show gallery, a behind-the-scenes bloopers chapter, several previews of other Delta DVDs and easy-to-navigate menus.

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Ashton Ryan, Joe Landon, David Parker, Adam Bristol, Jace Hughes, Court Logan, Antonio Madiera, Jonathon Prescott, Zach Rhodes, Justin Roxx and Trent Sebastian.

Directed by Kevin Clarke.

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