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[NDS] My wife's gay brother #2

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“Joey Moriarty has been thinking about his wife's
brother ever since the two of them hooked up one afternoon
a few weeks ago. Joey loves his wife, but he can't stop
thinking about the way Dante's mouth felt on his cock, or
how nice it was pounding Dante's little bubble butt.
And though he recognizes the potential for trouble, his lust
gets the better of him, and he thinks maybe he and Dante can
rekindle that moment. Unfortunately, as Joey heads over to
clean the pool, Dante doesn't seem to be around. Trying to
contain his disappointment, he goes about filtering the pool,
until Dante sneaks up behind him and nudges him in. Splashing
as he comes up in the cool water, Joey wipes the water from his
eyes and sees Dante jumping into the pool behind them, and
before he knows it, the two of them are pressed up against one
of the pool sides, with Dante's tongue pressing down his throat.

Joey quickly lifts Dante out of the water and peels his trunks
off, revealing Dante's hard cock. Joey begins to suck it right
there by the pool, as Dante pushes his head down further and
further. Dante returns the favor, leaning Joey up against a
boulder, and downing his hungry cock, but what Joey really wants
is that sweet ass, so he bends Dante over and begins to eat him
out, tossing Dante's salad before shoving his meaty cock deep
inside. Dante bites his lip from the pleasure as Joey grabs his
shoulders and begins to pound.

The heat of the sun warms their golden skin as they lay by the
pool, Joey on top, Dante on his back, stroking his cock.
Joey continues to pound away as Dante loses his load, and Joey
pulls out and splashes Dante with his own load, before the two
of them roll back into the pool to wash away the evidence of the
secret between them.”

CAST: Joey Moriarty, Dante Martin

P. S.: Part 1 was uploaded twice (not by me) in different sizes.

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