♺ Icaro Studios - Bachelor Party (Despedida de Solteiro)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-09-16 |
Released:  2005 | 120 minutes | AVI |

Title:  Brazilian Bachelor Party (Despedida de Solteiro)
Studio:  Icaro Studios, Brazil

Starring: Thayllor Garcia, Leonardo Carioca, Jackson, Airon Gregue, Renato Lemos, Apollo, Alex Bad Boy, Stafano, Luan

The stunningly hunky and handsome cover-bull talks seven buddies into giving a pal of theirs a real bachelor party. One grinning twink lingers to swallow easily Bull's slightly up-curved cock, which grows in Twink's mouth to un-swallowable size. Sweet subtitles:

TWINK: "You are very hard."

BULL: "You make me hard."

Bull licks all around Twink-crack, but not inside it. Twink sits on him anyway, his slim ass looking huge when he squats and rides that bull like a champion. Bull puts him in every position for his penile pleasure, finally grabs him and jacks himself off with the Twink's ass. Twink's dick is fucked to a size almost the equal of Bull's by the time he creams strings of spooge on himself. Bull keeps right on fucking and finally messes up Twink's hairless tits.

Outdoors, a slim adult and twink confess they've had crushes on each other, then with a lot of friendly laughter, the twink sucks dick and gets his ass fucked on a picnic table. His fucker even sucks some pink twink-dick first. Twink seems to take pride in hopping onto Adult's dick and doing the work. He's delighted when Adult jacks him and tells him he's beautiful. They both cum Twink's tummy.

In the shade by a swimming pool, two youths steal kisses and swap cocksucks. The elder says, "Chew on it as long as you want." He turns out to be the fucker, on a deck-chair. His bottom lies face down and just takes it, being used as pure slushy pussy, and taking both their loads on his stomach.

A short man and a tall youth confess they've been looking for each other. Well-built Youth is passionately aggressive, sucking Man through shorts first, and doing the only rimming in the movie. He doesn't erect until he's had hairy Man's hard-on in him for a long while, but Man doesn't seem to mind. He just loves poking that rectum on a rug. Man growls like it hurts him to shoot. Youth just sighs and cums.
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