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BUB- Tables Turned part VII - Lukas and Zak

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DescriptionLukas has his cock pulled behind him as he’s beaten with the leather flogger. “How do you like it, bitch?” Master Zak asks, smacking the slave harder than ever before. “I don’t!” Lukas cries, struggling to take the pain. Now, Master Zak is ready for something new. Still blindfolded, the slave is untied and forced over to a wooden pole. His hands are then bound high above him as Master Zak continues to beat the slave with the leather flogger.
Lukas is beaten harder than ever with the whip as his Master rotates between beating the slave and fondling his cock. “You look nice up there!” Master Zak mocks, blowing cigarette smoke in his slave’s face. Lukas struggles, trying desperately to free his bound wrists from the binds above him, but it’s no use. Suddenly, it seem’s Lukas’s Master has vanished. “Where are you?!” he shouts, still blindfolded. Seconds later, he’s struck with the nasty ends of the leather flogger.
Master Zak continues to beat slave-boy Lukas with the leather flogger as the boy’s screams fill the air. “You like that, don’t you?” Zak mocks, pulling his slave’s cock from behind him. “No!” Lukas whimpers, clenching his teeth as he braces for another blow from the whip. Now, the slave has his cock played with in-between the lashes. Master Zak even sucks on his slave’s cock – but only for a moment before returning to beating the slave relentlessly.
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