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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-24 |
Year: 2008
Country: Germany
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group, Bareback, Twinks
Duration: 01:42:32

Studio: Vimpex - Street Dancers

Cast: Sandro, Pepe, Dave, Enrico, Pablo and more...

What do you think is gonna happen when you have two
young lovers, a butler, two cable guys, a pool guy, a pizza
delivery boy and two guys to fix the telephone? Delicious
boy-sex all day long, that's what! The two young lovers are
in bed when the telephone engineers turn up to fix the phone,
and the main line just happens to be in the master bedroom.
Well, all thoughts of utilising the phone soon goes out of the
window as these four fit young men get it on - with the king-size
bed playing host to the fuck frenzy! The pool guy is cleaning
the pool when the cable boys arrive. Stripped to the waist,
the pool boy disappears into the shed for more supplies -
followed closely by the workers. One guy holds the pool boy's
hands behind his back as his compadre fondles his cock and
tight arse. They bend him over and one splits the pool boy's arse
with his hard cock whilst the other forces his boner into his mouth,
face fucking him before he turns and makes him tongue his ring.
They use and abuse his firm body, fucking him raw before shooting
in his mouth, covering his face in slime. Meanwhile, the butler's
lover has arrived and the two of them go for a quick session in the
kitchen. A pizza boy turns up so they decide on a sexy menage a
trois. The three of them are soon tongue fucking and sucking on
hard boners, before the pizza boy is tagged by both guys, taking it
in turns to shove their bare cocks up his arse before they shoot
into his mouth. The final scene unfolds as all the different apprentices
accumulate in the lounge and a free-for-all fuck fest ensues. Cocks are
swallowed and pulled; tongues and fingers disappear up tight arseholes
- which are soon replaced by hard bare cock. With spit-roastings,
juicy blowjobs and daisy fucks, it is a fitting end to a hard days work,
especially when each guy empties his sac for the second time that day!
Bare Rape has ten cute twinks fucking and sucking - all totally bareback
and with lots of sperm eating. It is sumptuously filthy!
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