[Vivid Man] Hollywood Knights

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"Troy Halston is new in town, and reaching for the stars. And when the town is Hollywood and the nights are long, the willing bottom often finds himself on top. What are you reaching for?

Let the Hollywood Shuffle begin..."

Unfortunately, Troy also doesn't know how to keep his dick in his pants. While not one of his best efforts, director Steel knows how to shoot sex scenes, and the one between Thompson (who looks awesome here) and the beefy brawny bulging beefcake that is Bo is a highlight here, with lots of gagging and slurping abounding.

Some scenes do look relooped, and there are a couple of "no cum" cumshots, which is a little disappointing. But Halston never looked better, and his ever-hard cock, chiseled face and ripped abs are always worth the price of admission. Playing a sleazy potential hustler-type has always been the strong point of Troy's "acting" style, and his nasty line delivery (as well as his load delivery) make this Jim Steel-directed video a decent "Hooray for Hookers" diversion.
-Keeneye Reeves
2011-05-22 12:16:37
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