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Scene 1.) David, a barely 18 year old str8boy starts off what will be the conclusion of the Campus Boyz series. He talks to you before rubbing his cock under his shorts, teasing you and asking if you want to see it. David tells you about what he’s done for a girl on his high school bus and props himself up on the chair, getting turned on looking at himself jacking in front of the mirror. He polishes the top of his helmet while stroking, then shows you an interesting way of pumping his hard cock through his fist, you’ll have to see yourself. Then he gets up to squirt his str8boy jizz on the mirror and rubs his dick all around the mess.

Scene 2.) Next we have Cain, an 18 year old swimmer and gymnast with a nice firm bod and tight smooth butt. He’s a bottom and loves to show off and finger his ass. He starts off slow, moving around the couch, humping and grinding his cock along the way. He sticks his tight ass in the air and fingers his boy hole then turns over to grunt and stroke his long cock for its prize.

Scene 3.) Now meet our new homepage boy on cobravideo.com. Our 18 year old Brandon is one of the cutest boyz I have ever seen, with perfect skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfectly round bubble butt to compliment his hard 7 inch cock. Brandon is still sleeping and his friend drops by his place. He lets himself in and cant resist fondling Brandon’s smooth ass while he sleeps. He sticks his hand down under Brandon’s boxerbriefs and slips a finger between his crack. Haven’t you ever fantasized about groping some hot boy while they slept?? Brandon finally awakens and his friend sits down to act like nothing happened.  As Brandon stretches, he describes the previous nights’ exploits and how he seduced a str8boy from online. This scene fades into scene 5 as Brandon tells his friend about his hot time. Brandon gets all aroused and takes out his cock and soon is joined by his friend who jacks his huge dick imagining the str8boy and Brandon together. Brandon is the first to squirt on his stomach and his friend comes up over him and blasts a stream of cumm across his chest.

Scene 4.) Here’s the scene Brandon describes in scene 3. Brandon meets Damian (who seriously has never been with a guy before) on the internet and (trying to keep up with Ethan) invites him over to “chat”; very intrigued that this guy is curious about experimenting. Brandon quickly wants to know what he’d like from a boy, and Damian says he wants to see a hot boy strip. Well they don’t come much hotter than Brandon, who takes off his clothes and jumps up onto the str8boy’s lap to see what might pop up. Brandon tries to kiss his new playtoy but is pushed away because Damian doesn’t feel comfortable kissing a guy. Brandon finds he has excited this curious boy and pops a rock hard cock from his sweats and takes it right down his throat. Brandon uses his soft, wet tongue to take the nervousness from this stud.  The str8boy doesn’t mind this and soon wants to try giving head himself. They 69 on the floor and Damian exclaims he wants to find out if a guys ass feels like a pussy and Brandon takes no time to hop on this pony ride.  Brandon slowly inserts his thick, dark meat bareback, then rides him hard.  Brandon is hard the whole time, so turned on that he seduced a str8boy and soon pops his boy juice on Damian’s stomach then jacks Damian off who squirts his load high into air.  I’m quite certain this boy is quite “bi” now after tasting Brandon’s spoils  =)

Scene 5.) Now we all know how Ethan loves his str8boyz and he has this knack for striking up conversations with just about anyone. So he cruises this muscular jockboy at the gym and after some prying discovers that he had gotten drunk one night and hooked up with a gym buddy. Ethan invites him back to take a whirlpool at his room and finds he needs to teach this jock a thing or two about kissing. They sit on side of whirlpool, then in no time Ethan is on his knees as Kevin pushes his hard str8 cock deep into his throat. They get into the whirlpool and Ethan gets sucked, but not as long as he would have liked. You can see Kevin doesn’t know how to suck a cock.  Ethan decides to bend him over and show him how good it feels to have a twinks’ tongue in his ass and by the looks of it, there’s some things even his girlfriend won’t do.  Kevin sits in the corner of tub and Ethan slowly slides his ass down his unsheathed pole gently at first, then picks up the grind and the jockboy is really turned on by this boyz tight hole. They end up on the bed and in a couple positions as the hard bodied gym boy pounds his hard cock deeper and deeper into Ethan who may have bit off a bit more than he can chew. Kevin keeps pounding his ass as Ethan groans and asks him ho he likes it, then Kevin pulls out and squirts a big load onto Ethan’s chest and Ethan comes up close for a taste.  Ethan jacks and squirts huge streams, 3 feet on the jockboyz chest and neck. Now there’s a workout you won’t find at the gym.

Scene 6.) Travis (from Outdoor Boyz) breaks in some freshmen by bragging he has the biggest “gun” in the group. Gavin thinks he’ll take the bet but quickly finds as the pants come off that the upperclassman is packing a 9mm that most guys can’t outshoot. Adam is a very shy guy and had never sucked a dick before, what a way to cut his teeth. Gavin takes turns with Adam and then they both are sucking and slurping on Travis huge pole at the same time.  Gavin tries to get that whole thing in his mouth but halfway was the most he can fit. Then Travis sucks on Gavin while getting sucked by Adam who now has a good handle on giving head. Travis jacks and squirts his load up while Gavin licks away at his gooey treat. Gavin then gets on his knees and creams on Travis’ hip.

Scene 7.) Here's the scene that everyone has been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to see. I could name this scene "Eric Finally Gets His" or perhaps "Converting a Topboy" (for Ethan who before would only top).  As you have all followed the Campus Boyz series, you know our ex- str8boy Eric has lusted for our first Cobraboy, Ethan, for sometime, yet all they had been able to do together was a little sucking and jacking in the last Campus Boyz installment.  Eric has lusted for Ethan's ass for far to long. Good things come to those who wait, and Eric and Ethan are finally alone, bored while awaiting for Austin, the boyz decide enough is enough and decide to find a way to pass the time. Well, what better way than for Ethan to release Eric's giant "topboy converter" out of his pants and into Ethan's warm, wet mouth. They take turns sucking, then Ethan decides to show Eric something new and pushes him over a chair to demonstrate the fine art of rimming. Uncomfortable at first, Eric relaxes and finds out what he has been missing. Then, very shockingly, Eric turns Ethan around to try a little lickin for himself... umm taste like chicken !!  Ethan now sits on top of Eric. Eric's throbbing 9 incher is as hard as a rock as he slides it up against Ethan's tight hole. The anticipation is to much and after a gallon of lube (and a fricken crowbar) Ethan sits on his huge bare staff and leans back for the ride of his life. I never thought I'd be able to separate the two as Eric stars into Ethan's eyes as he takes the full length of his cock in deep. Ethan groans and proclaims he hasn't had it this good in a long time. Eric's fantasy has finally come true. Eric fucks Ethan and then they sit together jacking each other till Ethan begs Eric for his load. Eric sure does give him one and squirts high into the air, then Eric takes a handful of his goo to jack off Ethan. Ethan lays down and squirts his own jizz in the air and Eric licks a little from his arms saying "hmm so this is what it tastes like" Ethan responds "Sometimes dreams do come true"...... for us too Ethan, for us too =) The only thing that could possibly top this scene would be if Eric tries BOTTOMING for his first time at this summers Beach Video, cross your fingers guys! Miracles sometimes do happen.

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