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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-05-19 |
Drop-dead gorgeous Khun Kai, from Bangkok, Thailand, shows off his flawless body... Including his beautiful facial features, lovely almond skin tone, washboard stomach, and the cherry-colored head on his lovely cock... which he jacks, to an explosive cum climax, all over his pretty tummy.

Thai "boys" are considered by many to be the most beautiful men in the entire world. I'm lucky enough to have 7 years firsthand experience to verify that fact, and Thai boy Kai makes my point. Emphatically.

Color-corrected from a badly flawed "80Gays.com" video, you can enjoy this spectacular Thai boy in all his natural beauty, in High Definition 720p progressive native resolution.

If you've been stuck in the "Western-Culture" lifestyle... dreaming for an escape to Thailand... and beautiful Thai boys... this video will be just for you.

I've been living in Bangkok for 7 years now... and let me assure you... Thai boys (what we call gay Thai guys, any age) ARE genuinely beautiful, like you can't imagine.  There's almost not a day that goes by, where I don't see yet another Thai boy that is SO STUNNING, as to simply take my breath away.

Add to this a culture where there is a virtual absence of ANY guilt for being gay, or having sex with other guys... and it's really a nirvana, a genuine escape from guilt-ridden "Western" cultures (such as my American culture). There's not a day that passes where I regret having relocated here, other than it usually being hot as hell here(!) But the beauty and sexiness of the amazing Thai boys DO help make up for the heat (lol). I only wish I had moved here sooner.

In as I put a fair amount of work into color-correcting the originally flawed video, I'd appreciate any Seed Points you can afford to award me. If you look at the "Before" and "After" pictures, you'll get the idea about how the original was virtually unwatchable. This particular video suffers from poor lighting, and was inexplicably marred by an amazingly OVER-chroma-saturated video.

After my restoration process, I think you will agree this video is now a "keeper", and a valuable addition to your personal Thai-Asian porn library.

"80Gays.com" normally specializes in Amateur African Bareback videos, but they occasionally venture into Thailand" sometimes mixing it up with Thai and Black. I could swear they use the same personnel as "GayAsianPiss", since some of the models appear in both studio's productions.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. It's my first contribution I've been able to make, after a two year absence. More to come!!!

Seed points, please? My ratio is only .992 !!!  OMG!!  LOL


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