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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-17 |
Warning: +18 Bara
Matsu Takeshi's creations - Translated to ENG. One of the best Bara Yaoi Artists.
Have fun. Seed points would be nice. Seed btw.

4 Seasons
40 year old Elegy
A Natural Talent (Doujinshi- Naruto)
Between Reality and Delusion
Boneless teacher
Crime scene Investigation
Don't Call me Rube!
Family Dissonance
Family Game
First Class Daddy
Foreign Toy
Go Ahead!  Riku,  Kai, Kuu!
Go West
Happy Guys
I cannot speak English
I'm Quitting this job (1 and 2)
Important Facts
Kill the Bear Someday (1 and 2)
Kishiwada and Goryou,  Animal Hospital (1 and 2)
Love Body Deliver
Misdelivered Package
More and more of you (1 to 4)
My Beast
Novice Banker ( 1-6)
One Plus one is
Perfect Manager Kazuma vs School Council Chairman
Perfect Manager Kazuma
Rugby Dormitory 204
Secret Video Tape
Shallow Dream
Since the Day we Met
Tai-Chan and Kou-chan
Tanuki of an old man's hole
Teacher – student Relationship
The case of Kannai kun
Three animals go – Takeshi Matsu
Wolf Mask
What happened at the summer retreat
Spritz Delivery

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