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In Footballers we follow the on-and off-the-field escapades of a football (soccer) team being drilled by team coach Julian Vincenzo in preparation for the league finals. And this team knows how to give coach what he wants. We start off welcoming team newcomer Felix Porter to a practice session that's just concluding. After the session winds down, sexy Gabriel Prince heads off for a massage to ease an inner thigh strain. Gabriel, face down, settles in for a great rub down of his thighs and butt. What Gabriel doesn't know is it's not the team masseur who is soon fingering and rimming him, its team mate Josh Lovas. Seems Josh has heard about what happens during Gabriel's frequent massage sessions. Josh has Gabriel turn over and of course he has a raging hard on. It takes about ten seconds for Gabriel to get over the surprise before Josh has his dick in Gabriel's hot and ready mouth. Josh holds the back of Gabriel's head and continuously shoves his huge dick all the way to the back of his throat. After Josh manhandles Gabriel some more, he kindly reciprocates, swallowing Gabriel's waiting cock. After a nice 69 session, Josh decides it's time to move back to Gabriel's hot asshole. He spins Gabriel around, kneels on the table, and takes him from behind for some serious fucking. Shot from under the table, you get a birds eye view of Josh's dick as it slams Gabriel again and again. Josh then lies down on the table and has Gabriel squat down on his rock hard dick. After another vigorous pounding, the boys first settle into laying down with Josh fucking Gabriel from behind, and then spin around so Gabriel is on his back and Josh is standing and fucking him. Gabriel likes it so much he blows a huge load while Josh fucks him mercilessly. Josh then pulls out and shoots his massive load all over Gabriel's thigh. The next day at practice, the team gets to meet Felix. A few of the guys immediately decide they need to invite Felix over that evening for a little team bonding. But first, we take an after practice look at Gabor Szeles. It seems adorable little Gabor has a side business selling his cum-stained underwear to adoring fans. He sneaks back onto the field to jerk off and get another pair ready to send off, cause jerking off at home isn't as much fun as doing it on the field. Teammate James Riviera wanders onto the field, and offers Gabor a hand (and tongue, and dick). Gabor quickly decides in no time to take the help, swallowing James' big uncut cock all the way down to his pubes. James is nice enough to return the favor, falling to his knees to savor Gabor's dick. Moving to the ground, Gabor lays on his side and James slides in behind him, fucking him first with long slow strokes, intermixed with fast hard fucking. James loves Gabor's ass so much he has to take it for a ride in every position he can think of, including Gabor squatting down on his hard dick, slamming Gabor from above in the pile-driver, and taking him missionary style. The last position proves to be the one that sends James over the edge, as he pulls out and squirts a load all over Gabor. Gabor, keeping his customer in mind, gets to his knees, and shoots his hot cum all over a waiting pair of clean white underwear. Unfortunately for this customer, Gabor is so hot he has to take the underwear and lap all of his cum back out of it. Felix Porter joins James Riviera, Dan Johnson, Albert Hamos and Janos Hidvegi for a little get together. The small talk lasts for less then a minute when Felix finds himself stripped and on his knees servicing his four naked teammates. The guys take turns feeding Felix one hot cock after another - some of the biggest and fattest uncut cocks in Europe. From there the guys split up, with Felix sucking Janos and Albert, and Dan getting a blowjob from James. The boys then move on to fucking, with Felix taking Albert's dick up his tight ass, and Dan letting James and Janos tag-team him. In the end, Felix turns into an insatiable bottom, letting all four guys gangbang him until each shoots his load all over Felix's waiting thighs. All group sex should be this hot, and all bottoms should be as hot as Felix! Felix turns out to be such a valuable player that six months later, coach Julian Vincenzo invites Felix in for a private meeting. Although the stated reason is to make Felix captain, the real reason is so Julian can experience what the rest of the team has had all along - Felix' delicious ass. Felix shows his gratitude by kissing the coach and worshiping his muscular torso with his tongue. But its Julian's rock hard cock that really captures his attention. Felix licks, slurps and swallows as if it's the best cock he's ever tasted. But its Felix' hole that coach really wants, and Felix soon ends up on the desk with coach's fingers up his hot, hairy ass. Julian replaces the fingers with his beautiful dick, and proceeds to fuck Felix in every position he can imagine. Julian is the kind of top who loves to pull all the way out and then slam it back in. And watching Felix moan, groan and grind is a joy; you can tell this is a bottom that really loves what he's doing. Felix finally loses it while Julian fucks him standing up doggie style, cumming all over coach's desk, only to have Julian pull out and lay his hot load across Felix' back. Action this hot makes one wonder why America never really embraced football! Cast: Albert Halmos, Dan Johnson, Felix Porter, Gabor Szeles, Gabriel Prince, James Riviera, Janos Hidvegi, Josh Lovas, Julian Vincenzo

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