Best of Francois Sagat volume 2 in avi

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DescriptionBest of Francois Sagat volume 2 from Raging Stallion in avi

Arabesque: Four men - Manuel Torres, Huessein, Fran├žois Sagat, and Joey Milano - are enjoying the entertainment, dicks out and hard. For the grand finale of Arabesque, each of these men are paired with each other, with the fucking between Torres and Sagat being the highlight of the first half of the scene. The second half features Huessein fucking gorgeous Milano. Joey has the face of a fashion model, and the ass of a porn superstar.

Bedroom Eyes: Kyle Lewis eagerly sucks Fran├žois' thick, uncut cock as his hands follow each and every curve of the Frenchman's hairy, muscled chest. Sparks really do fly when these kind of bodies interact. Fran├žois then returns the favor, taking Kyle's cock to the root, his bearded jaw looking great as he tries to take it all. Suddenly, both men cum streams of hot jizz onto each other; Kyle licks his own cum off Fran├žois's chest.

The scene immediately continues to hardcore anal sex. Kyle eats Fran├žois' hole: licking, munching, and grinning from ear to ear. Kyle, unable to resist the urge to hit third base, shoves his cock up Fran├žois' hole, fucking him fervently in a mesmerizing performance. Kyle quickly offers Fran├žois his ass and spreads his hole wide. Fran├žois needs no convincing as he steps up to the plate and fucks Kyle's begging hole. The under shot of his cock sliding in and out of Kyle's chute, both sets of balls hanging in the air, swinging in exact rhythm with each pounding thrust, is something for the "best of" record book. If you like great, well-photographed fucking between two of the world's hottest men, you are going to blow load after load at this part.

But wait, there's more!

After getting a real manfuck, Kyle switches back into top mode and throws a real French kiss up Fran├žois' muscled hole. They fuck until it's over, a second full set of roping cum shots leaping thru the air, falling onto each other.

Apex: Raging Stallion entered the "solo movie" world with the release of Apex, featuring Fran├žois Sagat. It is one of the finest solo films of all time. Don't miss Fran├žois' performance, a great example of beautiful male erotica.

Tough as Nails: The movie opens with Fran├žois sawing wood to build a cabinet. The camera lingers long on his sweating muscles, pumping themselves full of blood as he works hard on the job. Fran├žois is soon joined by Rick Gonzales, whose cock is so large that Fran├žois has trouble taking it. You can see the mixed feelings on Fran├žois' face as the pain of a full-on powerfuck is mixed with that feeling of "I want more!" The positions these guys get into are remarkable, and the wood practically catches fire from the friction generated in this superscene.

Centurion Muscle II: Alpha: J.D. Slater pulls out all the stops and puts superstar Fran├žois with muscle monster Blaske Nolan. Stand back and let the sexual alchemy of two of the world's most stunning men take over. The scene that ensues is nothing short of pure magic, captured exactly as it happened; it exceeds anything either performer had filmed to that date. The screen actually glows from the sheer electricity these men ignited in each other. Both men seem to melt together, taking care to sample every inch of flesh and fur, every drop of sex and sweat. They become a single entity flowing and undulating, primal urges feeding each other's most porcine needs. When, at last, they explode in a torrent of orgasms, you will know you have witnessed the real fucking thing, bringing this collection of smut and sleaze to a most fitting end."
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