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Dragon Media - Joe Gage Sex Files 10 - NYC Convention

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Description“Joe Gage Sex Files #10: NYC Convention”

(Dragon Media Corporation)

Web: http://www.RayDragonVideo.com
Web: http://www.RayDragon.com
Web: http://www.JoeGage.com

Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Adam Russo ( http://twitter.com/adamrussoxxx )
Jason Rock
Sven Norse ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/n/o_stars/Norse_Sven )
David Chase ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/c/e_stars/Chase_David )
George Spelvin
Dale Cooper a.k.a. Ben Bach ( http://daledoesporn.com )
Seth Roberts ( http://smutjunkies.com/updates/?p=9900 )

"Welcome to Manhattan in Joe Gage Sex Files 10: NYC Convention. Now take off your pants... and jacket. These guys are visiting the city that never sleeps and finding out exactly why nobody is sleeping... hot man on man sex."

This is the kind of convention I always wanted to go to, but never got invited to.

In the hotel where the convention is being held, the manager (Adam Russo) and the Concierge (Jason Rock) meet to make sure that the beds are comfortable. Well, they do a lot more than that, actually.

Jason lies back and gets naked from the waist down while Adam does the same in a chair across the room, jerking his cock as he admires Jason’s hot body. Both dudes get into the exhibitionist vibe, with Adam’s hot cock rising to a very nice hardon as Jason strokes his. Eventually they do get together, their shirts and ties in place as Jason sucks Adam and then watches him jerk out a hot load. Then Jason shoots a load that sticks in his foreskin, but no worries, Adam cleans it up.

In another room, Shay and Dale Cooper meet up for a hot sex session that has both in suits. Shay reclines on the bed, his cock sticking out of his fly, as Dale leans in for a stroke of it. Dale gets on all-fours and takes Shay from behind, his hairy ass pronged hard by Shay’s dick. The hot fuck has Dale’s dress shirt drenched with his cum, and then Shay adding his spewing load to Dale’s tie and face.

Bearded hotties Sven Norse and David Chase are next, also wearing half of their suits as David jerks off on the bed and Sven jerks his long, beautiful cock. Sven joins David in bed, lying beside him as both men stoke their cocks and even help each other out with it too. Both shoot big loads. The next part of the scene has Sven fucking David hard from behind, really slamming into him as David moans rhythmically. As they are going at it, Dale walks in and unzips, freeing his cock from his dress pant and jerking it. He walks over and fucks David’s throat as he’s still getting it in the ass from Sven.

Dale disappears and another hot guy walks in, George Spelvin. At no time while any of this is happening does Sven ever miss a beat filling David’s hole, even when Dale re-enters and lies on the bed next to them while they are fucking, and it is hot as hell. Iron man Sven then fucks Dale, making the dude moan with pleasure. George and David watch as Sven fucks the hell out of Dale, eventually fucking a load out of him and shooting his own.

Twink-ish Seth Roberts is up next, getting busy in the hotel room with Adam and another hung hot stud, who Seth goes down on. The three suck dicks all around and then Seth turns into a hot and eager top, fucking Adam and the other dude, in a nice younger/older turnaround. All three dudes cum big at the end, once again messing up a really nice silk tie, but no one seems to mind at all.
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