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MBZ - Bishop's Interview - Elder Buckley & Bishop Angus

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DescriptionBishop Angus has asked for a private meeting with Elder Buckley.

The young stud doesnÂ’t know what the hot older man wants, but he has fantastic memories of getting plowed by that particular priesthood leader. Every time he sees the bishop, he remembers what it was like to kiss that beard, and wonders what it would be like to fuck that big furry bear of a man right in the ass.

One great thing about older men is that they tend not to beat around the bush. Elder Buckley hasnÂ’t been in the bishopÂ’s office for five minutes before the bishop tells him he wants to have some fun, but not to tell any of the other missionaries. Elder BuckleyÂ’s dick throbs. ThereÂ’s a knot in his throat. He stands up and removes the bishopÂ’s tie and shirt. He loves how thick the bishop is. His arms are huge. His muscular torso barely fits in his garments.

The bishop strips off Elder BuckleyÂ’s shirt and pants, too. He grabs a big handful of the missionaryÂ’s round butt. ItÂ’s so meaty. As he gropes that thick Mormon ass, his dick stiffens. ThereÂ’s something special about Elder Buckley. He looks like a wholesome farm boy, but the bishop knows that the kid really knows how to fuck. Whenever Bishop Angus has brought boys to the office to fuck, he has always been the top. But for the first time, he wants to get fucked hard by a missionary. He puts a hand on the missionaryÂ’s dick and finds that itÂ’s both large and itÂ’s getting hard. Bishop Angus hopes he wonÂ’t be too tight to take that massive dick up his ass.
Bishop Angus steps out of his garments and Elder Buckley gets a look at his hard muscular body. He runs a hand over his pecs. The feel of the fur on his hand drives him wild. He steps out of his own garments, and Bishop Angus gives his dick a tug while he looks over his hot, tight body.

Elder Buckley pushes the bishop back on the table and takes charge. He licks and sucks on the bishopÂ’s big nut sack, then puts his mouth on the older manÂ’s buttonhole. It tightens around his tongue. The bishop isnÂ’t used to having anything in his butt, but the feeling is intensely pleasurable. He grabs his dick and closes his eyes, letting the feeling wash over him.

Elder Buckley wants to get his dick in that hole. His huge meat is now fully erect, and he rubs the fat head of his cock against the bishopÂ’s tight hole. The bishop feels his wet hole loosening, getting ready to take a pounding from the boy. As the missionary forces his dick into his ass, the bishopÂ’s face flushes bright read and he clenches his jaw. But the dick gets in, and as soon as his hole is wrapped around that cock, he feels all of his muscles relaxing. HeÂ’ll let the boy do whatever he wants.

And Elder Buckley doesnÂ’t hold back. He pounds the bishopÂ’s butt, enjoying the sensation of the head of his dick hitting deep in the manÂ’s belly and the sides of his cock rubbing on the manÂ’s hole. Bishop Angus grunts and grabs the side of his desk, feeling every thrust from his head down to his toes.

Then Elder Buckley flips the bishop over on his belly, grabs his ankles and fucks him from behind. Facedown on the desk, the bishop is happy not to be in charge for once. He has nothing to do but accept the missionaryÂ’s cock deep in himself. And the boy likes pounding the older man from behind. He pushes his face down into the desk and thinks about him as just a tight, furry hole for his dick. Pretty soon theyÂ’ve moved from the edge of the desk to right up on top. The whole desk moves a little with each thrust. Both men are covered in sweat and their bodies are flushed from the exertion.

Bishop Angus isnÂ’t sure how much more his poor butt can take, but he can tell from Elder BuckleyÂ’s rapid breathing that the boy is getting close. The boyÂ’s lean, muscular body pounds down into the bishopÂ’s ass, and then suddenly he feels the cum traveling to the head of his cock. He pulls out and sprays his load all over the bishopÂ’s ass, and then slides his dripping cock back into his ass for a few more thrusts.

Bishop Angus has a giant smile on his face. Now, finally, he knows what it feels like to be worked over hard by Elder Buckley and then drenched in his cum. ItÂ’s pretty damn good.

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