♺ Rosebud (Studio 2000)

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PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR MICKEY CHANDLER (Kurt Young) is hired by DistrictAttorney Lex Bender (Johnny Dean) to re-investigate the murder of high-priced hooker Steven Shostak (aka Buddy Rose). The D.A. knows that Jack Thorton did it, but he has no proof. And he knows that it would be double jeopardy to re-try him for the same crime. But it's more than that, it's personal. He offers Chandler $10,000 up front and $20,000 when he discovers the truth behind the infamous murder and reveals it only to him. Chandler asks why it's so important, only to be told it's none of his business and to get to work.
Over the next few days, Chandler meets -with three -men, all claiming to be an eye witness to the events leading up to the Shostak murder. First up is Bernie Shepherd, a hotel waiter. He explains that when he arrived at Jack Thornton
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