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DescriptionStars: Ivan Roha, Marcel Manigati, Michal Rybar, Petr Tomas, Petr Vybiral, Radek Kucharik, Robert Wild, Tomas Hyka, Tomas Vitasek, Vilem Cage
Resolution: 352x284 pixels
Codec: DivX
Runtime: 87 minutes

Okay, fellow porn-fiends, the hockey game is over and it?s off to Modell?s to try on some new equipment. High Sticking 2 could be the first porn to combine two of Faggotdom?s most revered pastimes: Cock-sex and shopping. With a sporting goods theme.
Think Slap Shot (R.I.P., George) meets the snooty-boutique scene from Pretty Woman, only instead of cunty clerks, we get a team of horny hockey jocks slapping their sticks against each other?s tonsils and sliding them into each other?s anxious manginas. Yeah, I thought you?d like the sound of that.
We begin with some voyeuristic dressing room thrills, as a luscious trio of sculpted boy-hunks suck thick cock, rim moist hole and plow tight ass - all while they?re dressed in jock straps and brand new red-white-and-blue shoulder pads.
I swear, it looks like a sordid outtake from American Gladiators or something. The spotty blackout blips are remnants of dodgy editing and are a pesky nuisance, but they go away and don?t distract too much from the sticky fun.
Horse-cock alert for the next sequence, featuring a pair of appropriately hunky sex fiends wearing jocks, shin guards, helmets and ice skates. Will they or will they not stain their not-yet-purchased merchandise with the gushy fluids that even now build up with volcanic pressure inside of them? I?ll never tell?
Like Euro-hunks with long flowing golden locks? Got one of those here, too, and he worships a mighty tool - first by sucking on it, then by sitting on it. A particular dark-haired dreamboat sports the only furry chest in the lot, and he gets it on deliciously with a tattooed hunk daddy who later sates himself with a massive dildo. Hmmmm. I wonder if Modell?s is hiring dressing room attendants?

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