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Lucas Kazan Under the Big Top

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If for any reason Under the Big Top doesn’t get your rocks off, check to see if you still have a pulse. The influence of executive producer Kristen Bjorn is obvious in this exquisitely filmed, stunningly cast, utterly cum-gushing fucktacular. Inspired by Ruggiero Leoncavallo's opera Pagliacci (the music and plot histrionics of which are featured throughout), this sleek, sumptuous and sensuous production from Sarava will have you pitching a massive trouser tent in perpetuity.

After a lengthy prologue (sung, to boot), we espy two delicious hotties - one dirty blonde, Slava; one brunette, Pietro - making out on a beach in broad daylight. Cut to the knob shining and ass shellacking, but suddenly it’s dark out and we appear to be in front of some sort of circus trailer hitch (with the sounds of unseen surf still crashing implausibly on the soundtrack). Pietro slowly and passionately tongue pokes Slava’s pucker hole then crams in his plump fuck tool for some hip-swiveling ass-plow action.

Upon their mutual creamy ejaculation, I was quite content to move along to witness another pair of hard hotties get their gush on, but these two horny fuckers weren’t quite done yet - not by a long shot. Both versatile, they flip positions and continue with the lovely Harlequinn-style buggery, accompanied by weeping strings and delicate piano chords on the soundtrack. This lovey-dovey stuff is tender and sweet and all, and I guess it’s important to the plot but, fear not: things get much friskier.

Off in the circus tent, three smooth dream hunks in tight colored spandex pants are in the middle of an aerobic/stretching session, complete with hard-rubbed muscles, firmly groped bulges and heavily petted butts. This soon ignites into a fantasy threesome, with two of these red-hot delights propped up against a cage, arms outstretched, their rigid dicks protruding, while the third kneels and sucks both big pieces of cock meat side by side. (Somehow, this scene reminded me of a chilling signature image from The Silence of the Lambs, minus the entrails but with lots-n-lots of oozing semen. Don’t ask.)

Following their first round of blown boy juice, these three hunks line up for a rimming daisy chain, then commence with the anal intruding, making clever use of that big metal hoisting ring trapeze artists sit in (convenient for spinning the bottom boy around and around to take it in rotation from one top while blowing the other).

We pause for some operatic drama as vaguely Latino Ivan, wearing a red and white striped shirt, confesses his lust for Slava, who’s otherwise interested in Max - despite Slava’s relationship with Pietro. As Slava passionately kisses Max and then gives suction to his exceptionally big + thick cock, jealous Ivan watches from the wings, stroking his uncut piece longingly. Max’s large pulsating tool erupts with a powerful geyser of gushed cream, then Max kneels to suck off Slava. Eventually, Max lovingly fucks Slava and, while grinding his smooth cheeks, blows a second splashy hands-free load all over his back, which prompts spying Ivan in the red and white striped shirt to secretly loose his goo, too.

But Slava and Max keep on fucking, this time with Max on the bottom, his perfectly lovely bubble ass receiving the pumps and strokes of Slava’s schlong.

And I haven’t even gotten to the fabulous climactic foursome yet, which takes place on a split-level platform, with the gym-build hunks propped up against, bent over and/or leaning through the metal railings. Lots of deep cock suckery and ass buggery here, with enough rivers of jetted semen to take a bath in. It’s enough to make me want to run off and join the circus! Wanna come?

Ten impossibly gorgeous hunks, fabulously fit and chiseled, and thoroughly, deliciously hung. Sumptuous production values. Hot juicy sex gushed off with sexy hot juice. 'Nuf said - Under the Big Top will definitely pop your (big) top over and over!
-- Beef Stroganoff
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