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Vimpex Tainted Twinx: Bare Eagles

Released: 2008

Running time: 180 mins


Clay Osborn, Daniel Student, Pavel Matous (aka Dennis Reed), Dymy Sove, George Kena,  Jerry Harris, Lajo Celec, Larss Jensen, Luke Hobbs, Mark Zebro, Paul Stevens, Radovan  Malacek, Michael Getlin, Tim West, Eric Tomfor

As the opening credits roll, two scouts are walking their dogs.  All seems innocent enough, but after Fido's needs have been attended to, the scouts address their own needs. The euro-twinks start kissing and removing their scouting uniforms. The taller of the twinks has a nice long dick, which the shorter boy seems very fond of. Nicely the background music fades so we can hear the moans and groans of the boys as they move on to some hot barebacking.

The next scene starts with a scout whittling some wood. It's not long before he's whistling on his buddies skin flute. A lengthy oral session leads to some brief ass play and another hot bareback ride. Some nice camera work shows balls banging against taint, and then some more ass play before the boys shoot.

Two younger scouts in the third scene are adorable as the older guy (who's surely their Scout Leader) proceeds to lead his eager young charges astray. The three of them contribute one of the hottest scenes in the movie, kissing, sucking, and fucking gloriously. The fourth scene doesn't slow much as two more scouts start shedding clothes while making out. Before you can say the Scout's Pledge there's cock sucking. Although the bottom never really seems to open up, the top finger fucks the bottom and himself until they both shoot.

Scene five starts with some drinking in a pub and then the boys split up as two of them move outside. Instead of splitting wood for a fire they decide to deal with the fire in their pants. There's some kissing and traded blowjobs, with both boys jerking off in their hands. Once the pub's other guests have left, the two remaining scouts waste no time devouring each other. Clothes come off and kissing leads to other delightful pursuits as they climb on the table and fuck with just their boots and kerchiefs on.

The camera work and lighting are fine throughout and although the music is a little silly at times, it rarely detracts from the movie. All the boys in this film are hot and seem genuinely hot for one another, if you're hot for euro twinks or have unresolved boyhood fantasies, this film shouldn't disappoint.

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